Avoid Accidents on Alaska Highways this Winter

Driving in Alaska comes with its own share of surprises and quirks – particularly throughout the winter. You have all the usual concerns: ice, snow, darker days, longer nights, obscured vision, and reckless drivers. But on top of this, you’ll want to look out for moose and other wildlife while driving your Alaska car and van rentals.

None of this is to scare you. Driving in this state is merely unique. And if you’re well prepared, you’ll find that driving your Alaska car and van rentals can be quite enjoyable. After all, we have some of the most beautiful scenery in the nation. There are ways to keep yourself safe and our wildlife safe.

In 2013 it was estimated that as many as 700 to 800 moose are reported to die a year in Alaska from collisions with motor vehicles, according to the Alaska Dispatch News. While not all moose die from collisions, its more likely that they will be injured than you will – particularly with the increasingly advanced safety systems in today’s cars.

Many attempts have been made in recent decades to reduce the risk of wildlife-vehicle collisions, particularly in December and January where the risk is greater. However, what precautions the government enacts are quite out of your hands. What you can control, though, are your own precautionary techniques to avoid hitting moose, elk, and deer in your Alaska car and van rentals.

High beams

While seeing moose can be difficult when they’re on the shoulder of the road, or in dark or stormy conditions, using high beams can help increase your chances of seeing the moose in time to stop. If the road isn’t busy – which is likely isn’t if moose are brave enough to cross – and there’s no one coming at you, use your high beams. Low beams won’t offer you the distance you need. Avoid distractions, and scan both the shoulders and center of the road regularly.

Slow your Alaska car and van rentals down

Given that it winter, you’ll likely be driving a little slower as it is. Don’t let a quiet, isolated road trick you into thinking you can drive a little faster. Keep your speed slow to increase your braking time in case you see a moose, deer, or elk.

Remember also that the faster you’re going, the more likely you are to harm the animal. Even in the unfortunate instance that you do collide, the slower the speed, the less likely you are to destroy your vehicle and kill the animal.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that speeding up with scare the moose into moving. It won’t, and you’ll increase odds of casualties.

Be alert, especially around forested areas

Moose, deer, and elk are more likely to cross the road in forested areas of the highway. It’s a good idea to slow down a little more, and be extra alert in areas where forests are largest. Be particularly mindful of the shoulders of the road. Be prepared to brake slowly, and avoid distractions in these regions. Make sure the kids have something to entertain them, the pets are in the backseat, the radio is low, and your high beams on to increase your vision.

Dawn and dusk are popular times

Though you’ll still see moose throughout the day and at night, the more likely times are dawn and dusk. Between 4 and 6 am, and 6 and 11 pm, be especially alert. Keep an eye out for animals and watch the shoulders.

Honking helps

When you’re slowing down for a moose, give your horn a little honk. Sometimes this will scare the moose, deer, or elk away from the road. Not always, though. At the very least, it will alert the animal to your presence, which could benefit both of you.

Keep an eye out for babies

Where there’s a mother, there are babies. If you see a female moose (without antlers), watch out for her calves. The chances are that if she’s crossing, they’re following – even if they aren’t following closely. So just because she’s crossed don’t speed up again. Stay still for a few minutes and watch the shoulders to make sure there aren’t more coming.

Start your trip off on a safe note. Our Alaska car and van rentals will ensure you get to all of your holiday parties in style and with reliability. Reserve your vehicle from Avis today to stay safe this winter.

Boost the Fuel Economy of Your Alaska Winter Car Rentals

It’s no secret that driving in the winter comes with its complications. Icy roads, snow, flurries, darker days, cautious (and not cautious enough!) drivers, and holiday stress combine to produce an uncomfortable experience. On top of that, fuel economy worsens as the temperatures do.

There are a lot of reasons why fuel efficiency drops in winter but not every knows the ways to prevent it. While you won’t be able to recapture the fuel economy of summer in the snowy months, we have a few tips to help you get the most of a tank in your Alaska winter car rentals.

Fortunately, because you’re using Alaska winter car rentals, you won’t have to worry about the major work that goes into fuel economy, such as car maintenance, excess weight, and car quality. We’ve got that covered for you.

What you can do to contribute to those major aspects of fuel economy is pack light. When you’re driving around town or off on a day trip, pack as little into the car as possible. Now’s not the time to have extra, unneeded luggage in the trunk that hasn’t made it into the cabin yet. Unload hunting and fishing equipment, and holiday gifts the minute you’re done using them. The less weight in your Alaska winter car rentals, the less heavily your engine will have to work. Remove any skis or snowboards from the top of your car when not in use. Full roof racks reduce aerodynamics exponentially, therefore also reducing fuel economy.

Unlead your foot

Most drivers know that the faster you go, the more fuel you’re using. People who speed often have much lower fuel economies than those who maintain the speed limit. However, did you also realize that stomping your foot on the accelerator – regardless of you speed – will reduce your fuel economy?

The best way to accelerate is slow and steady. Gradually apply slight pressure to your pedal until your Alaska winter car rentals gets up to speed. This will have the added bonus of keeping you safe on icy roads and helping you avoid aggressive driving. Similarly, braking at a gradual pace will also help increase fuel economy. And after all, you may find you won’t have to brake as often when you can avoid collision and missed turns simply by going the speed limit.

Remember, though, that cruise control is not advised. While it certainly helps maintain a proper speed, cruise control will reduce your reaction time to unexpected obstacles on wintry roads.

Avoid unnecessary idling in your Alaska winter car rentals

This seems to be a “no-brainer” but you’d be surprised at how often unnecessary idling occurs when it may seem necessary. In the morning when you’re warming your car and using defrosters, you’re using unnecessary fuel. It may not be fun, but get out there with a scrape and brush to manually remove as much snow and ice as you are able. Do not have your Alaska winter car rentals on throughout this, as it will just waste fuel.

Want to avoid spending ten minutes scraping ice? Park your car facing east. We may not get much sun in the winter, but what we do get will help reduce the amount of snow and ice build up on your car. Of course, if possible, park your Alaska winter car rentals in a covered area to avoid the hassle all together.

Check tire pressure

While we’ll make sure your car is in tip-top shape when you pick it up, you’ll want to keep an eye on tire pressure throughout. Many gas stations have spots to fill the pressure for free. But if you’re renting your vehicle for an extended period, checking it every few days in the poor conditions is a good habit to get into as low temperatures contribute to pressure loss, which contributes to terrible fuel economy.

No one likes spending more than necessary. That’s why at Avis, we have the best deals on the best, most efficient Alaska winter car rentals. Reserve your vehicle today for a stress-free holiday season.

Tips for Hassle-Free Alaska Holiday Rentals

Alaska’s winter wonderland is back. The chill has begun, and now that December is finally here, we can say hello to the holiday season! The holidays are always a busy time for us, as we’re sure they are for you too. But if you want it to be hassle-free, you’ll want to book your Alaska holiday rentals soon before the fleet dwindles.

Of course, there’s more to booking Alaska holiday rentals than reserving early – though that is an important aspect. Mostly, it’s just about preparation and staying calm. The holiday season can be a stressful time. We want your car rentals to help reduce stress, not add to it.

Book Alaska holiday rentals early

For many, this is simply common sense. But booking Alaska holiday rentals – cars, equipment, hotels, cabins, and tours – early will go a long way in reducing your stress and increasing your enjoyment throughout the season.

The holiday season is busy in the service and entertainment industries, so you want to beat the rush. The earlier you book, the more options you’ll have for rentals. That means you’ll be almost guaranteed your first preference.

Booking early will also help you properly prepare your insurance. It will give you the time you need to coordinate with your insurance company to ensure you are covered, and if you aren’t, add insurance to your reservation. Just in case you’re put on hold or sent to voicemail, you’ll have plenty of time to get the information you need from your insurance company.

Finally, reserving early often means you get the best price available. While we like to pride ourselves on having the best price for car rentals in the state, prices always peak during the holidays. And, like all holiday prices, early bird may just get the biggest worm for the best deal.

Be prepared for winter

Alaska is known for its harsh winters. That means that when you pick up your Alaska holiday rentals, you want to be prepared. Bring along an emergency kit for extreme circumstances. In the kit, necessities like a few flares, a first aid kit, thermo blanket, heat candles, and a car phone charger should of course be included. However, it’s not a bad idea to pack some non-perishable food items as well as water bottles and juice boxes. A minimum of 2-3 days of food items and heating candles is strongly recommended.

You want foods that are high in calories and protein to keep you warm and full. Good non-perishables include nuts and trail mix, dried fruit, granola bars, power and protein bars, crackers, peanut butter, ready-to-eat canned goods (fruit, veggies, and even meats and fish) with a can opener, vitamins, baby food (if traveling with infants), and non-perishable milk (certain types of almond milk, for instance). Emergency situations are stressful, so it can be a good idea to bring along some comfort foods. Things like chocolate bars, small snack-sized bags of chips, and dried jerky are great choices.

And don’t forget the furry friends! If you’re traveling with a pet, be sure to bring along extra supplies of pet food and enough water for the whole crew.

Get a car that suits the journey

Soon, Alaska will be covered in snow and ice. Do you feel more comfortable in a large car with 4X4 options? Another reason to book early. Reserve a vehicle choice that suits your needs. It’s possible that if you’ve got a few travelers with you, as well as some gifts and other cargo, you’ll definitely want one of our SUVs or a minivan.

Not only will these add to your feeling of security, but they’ll ensure that the gifts and baby seat fit comfortably to reduce the stress and claustrophobia of your journey.

Start your stress-free holiday season with a reservation for Alaska holiday rentals from Avis.

Alaska Northern Lights Tours in November

We’re known for a few things here in Alaska: Winter, winter sports, fishing, hunting, and, inevitably the most beautiful, the Northern Lights. The Northern Lights, or Aurora Borealis, are an incredible sight. If you’re visiting in the winter, then you’re visiting at the perfect time to see one of Mother Nature’s most beautiful creations. We always encourage our Alaska winter car rentals clients to look out for these beauties. Sometimes that means leaving the Alaskan cities and heading a little closer to the wilderness.

Not sure where to see the sights? That’s okay. Fortunately, here in Alaska, we like to make sure our visitors are taken care of. Tours are available for Northern Lights viewings. Once that’s done, you’ll know where to take your Alaska winter car rentals – just in case one sighting wasn’t enough.

Some things to know about the Aurora Borealis

There are a couple of things you’ll want to know before setting off on this endeavor.

First, you’re here at the prime time. The Northern Lights are visible through September to April. While you may catch a glimpse here or there in the warmer months, fall through early spring when the nights are longest and darkest is your best bet. You can’t see the aurora in the daytime or in cloudy, light night skies.

Second, the aurora isn’t always predictable. You can’t always know when the aurora borealis will show its incredible shimmer or where. However, if you want to have your best chance, look between 11:30 p.m. and 3:30 a.m., with the peak hour usually appearing around 1:30 a.m. That’s right – if you want to see a good glimpse of the aurora then it’s going to be a late night. You may want to take a nap earlier in the day so you’re not driving drowsy in your Alaska winter car rentals.

Finally, make sure to wear extra warm clothing. As I’m sure you can imagine, Alaska is a little bit nippy in the winter. You’ll want to wear warm socks, heavy boots, thick sweaters, scarves, a hat, mittens, and a good coat. You can’t go too far. Try windbreakers and a few hand and foot warmers that will make sure you don’t get chilly. Again – better safe than sorry, so there’s no harm in packing extra sweaters and socks in your Alaska winter car rentals.

Tours to see the lights

There are a few different guided tours to see the lights. If you go to Fairbanks, you can catch the Northern Alaska Tour Company. This region is the “aurora oval” where the aurora borealis is the most visible. The tour will even take you a couple hours north to see a few more sights and the aurora.

Many of our Alaska winter car rentals clients stay around Anchorage. If that fits you, try the Salmon Berry Tours Northern Lights Excursions. These will allow you to park your Alaska winter car rentals and will take care of everything. Depending on the experience you’re looking for, the Salmon Berry Tours offer both overnight and multi-day outings. Thinking of a perfect romantic experience with your sweetheart? This may be exactly what you’re looking for. Spectacular sights, romantic midnight outings beneath the aurora – more picture opportunities than you’ll be able to capture. The Salmon Berry Tours season starts November 15.

The Arctic Circle Aurora Overnight Adventures offers 2 to 3 day excursions. This will involve a flightseeing opportunity around the Brooks Mountain Range. It goes from Fairbanks to Coldfoot village.

You’ll never get a better experience than that of the tours to view the aurora borealis. And you just need the perfect Alaska winter car rentals to finish off an amazing trip. Reserve from Avis today.






Must-See Events this November!

The days may be getting darker and colder, but who ever said Alaska dies down in winter? This is the perfect time to be out and about in the North of the 49. Our Alaska winter rentals offer you the flexibility and mobility you need. All you need now is a place to go.

We’ve put together a little list of events around the state. A few of these are for Ducks Unlimited, which means you can be charitable to waterfowl conservation (and therefore hunting) while having a blast.

Ducks Unlimited Events

We’ll get started with these – they’re always a blast and they’re for a good cause. As avid hunters here at Avis Alaska, we want to make sure our hunting isn’t without a sustainable foundation.

If you’re a Waterfowl hunter, then check out the Mat-Su Waterfowl Hunters Party on November 5. With games and raffles you may just end up winning something while contributing to sustainable waterfowl hunting! If you’re looking for something a little more traditional and elegant, buy tickets for the Anchorage Fall Banquet on November 12, the Dillingham Banquet on November 19, or the Valdez Banquet also on November 19.

Finally, park your Alaska winter rentals for the night and join in on the fun at the Cooper Landing Bar Night! Fun, raffles, and a taco bar! It’s a great way to escape the cold and relax after a day enjoying the winter sports of Alaska.

Great Alaska Shootout

Despite Alaska’s reputation for hunting, the Great Alaska Shootout isn’t quite what it sounds like. This event occurs annually in Anchorage and brings together collegiate teams for a Thanksgiving weekend of friendly basketball competition.

The Great Alaska Shootout involves two women’s sessions and six men’s sessions, each involving two games. Games begin on November 22, 2016 and run until November 26, 2016. Tickets can be found online here.

Haines, Alaska Bald Eagle Festival

Do you want to show your patriotism? Are you proud to be an American, and proud of our strong national symbol – the bald eagle? Then take your Alaska winter rentals down to the Haines Bald Eagle Festival.

The Haines Bald Eagle Festival begins on November 7, 2016 and goes through November 13, 2016. Around this time of the year, thousands of bald eagles crowd around the Chilkat River to feed on the chum and Coho salmon that flock to the four mile region of the river that remains unfrozen. This has become the Chilkat Bald Eagle Preserve. It draws in huge crowds of people to see a rare sight – bald eagles in large groups, flocking around one area. It’s truly breathtaking.

While here you’ll get a chance to learn more about American bald eagles, and take part in the scientific and artistic cultural sides of this species.

Christmas bazaars and festivals

While you’re out and about Alaska, keep an eye out for the various holiday bazaars that will pop up across the state. With Thanksgiving almost upon us, Alaska has a great number of festivals and holiday markets to keep even Santa’s Elves busy. ‘Tis the season!

While not ever bazaar will begin opening really until December, you will catch a few of the early birds. For instance, the Coffman Cove Holiday Bazaar runs on November 5. The Ketchikan Winter Arts Faire is open from November 25 until November 27, and shows off ice sculpture talents from more than 75 artists in the area. During the same days, the Juneau Public Market kicks off the holiday season with a variety of vendors. Be careful – you may leave with your Alaska winter rentals considerably fuller than before! Also on November 25, “Christmas Comes to Kenai: North Pole on Ice” also begins and runs through until December.

No matter what, there are plenty of activities to get you into the holiday spirit!

But nothing can make your trip more complete than the perfect Alaska winter rentals. Avis can help you there. Reserve your vehicle from us today for great deals, safe winter handling, and friendly service.

Get into Winter with Snowmobile Tours Around Alaska

Welcome back to one of the most glorious times of the year! The time of freezing weather, thick snow, and winter sports! Here at Avis Alaska, we live for the various sports that begin once the snow starts. One of our favorites? Snowmobiling. And with your Alaska winter car rentals, the world is your oyster. So pack up your Alaska winter car rentals with warm clothes and hit up one of these top snowmobiling experiences.

Start with a tour

One of the best ways to get to know snowmobiling in Alaska is with a tour. We list a variety of tours below, but first we’re going to let you know why this is a viable option.

The thing is that a well-seasoned and life-long Alaskan is always going to know the trails better than visitors are. And the Alaskan wilderness isn’t always a safe space. So why not get to know the trails with an experienced snowmobiler before renting one yourself?

Not only that, but these tour guides will be able to show you parts of Alaska that you may not otherwise see. It’s one thing to know that there are sites to see – it’s another to know where these are and exactly how you should see them. Tour guides can help with that. Once you’ve discovered the site, you can always go back for more on your own time whether on a snowmobile or in your Alaska winter car rentals.

Finally, tours may offer you the chance to meet other people while traveling. This can be a fun way to bond with other travelers about two things we love most – machines and the Alaskan winter wilderness.

Tours an option

There are a few fun tours that we’d recommend. One is the snowmobile Gold Mine Tour. This tour is great for early season snowmobiling, and its well-groomed trails allow for a great experience for both beginner and expert snowmobilers. The groups are always small and manageable – around 5 to 6 people – which allows you to connect with both your guide and other tour takers. However, if your group is larger we’d advise you to speak to someone at the company as they may be able to offer larger tours.

The tour includes reindeer hot dogs on the campfire. Cost is $200 for 3.5 hours offered by Glacier City Snowmobile Tours. You’ll even see sites that were used in Hollywood films!

Also offered by the same company is the Real Deal Blue Ice Tour. For $250, you get a 5.5 hour tour that traverses across the Chugach Mountains. But be warned – this is an intense tour. The Real Deal Blue Ice tour is challenging and can be difficult. It will lead you inside of glaciers – but only times approved by the US Forest Service.

Finally, we’d recommend the expeditions and day tours offered by Snow Safaris. These range from one to 5 days and even offer custom tailored tours. There are a variety of opportunities for filming and photo shoots, if you’re looking for a new group shot.

Multiple day expeditions include overnight stays and all meals. They take care of any driving needed to and from your hotel so your Alaska winter car rentals can stay safe and sound in your hotel garage.

Snowmobile rentals

If you’re ready to rent a machine and head off, you’re in luck. Alaska is full of snowmobile rentals companies. The tour companies listed above offer rentals with each of their tours and individual rentals. Other rental companies include Alaska Backcountry Access, Alaska Toy Rental, and Alaska Snowmobile Tours and Rentals.

However, if you’re setting off on your own, make sure you go prepared. Bring a pack with an emergency kit including snacks, water, candles, flashlight and extra batteries, GPS AND paper map, flares, full charged cell phone, and a thermo-blanket. Better to be safe than sorry.

Winter is a glorious time in Alaska. Don’t believe us? Let us show you. Reserve your Alaska winter car rentals from Avis today for an unbelievable Alaskan experience.

Want a New Fall Sport? Test Out Archery

In Alaska, we love sports. We especially love sports that involve the great outdoors, and a certain amount of skill. Archery is one such sport that is not only useful, but a fun way to spend an afternoon. There are plenty of archery spots to be found around the state if you’re ready and willing to take your Alaska fall car rentals out for a drive.

Not looking for an outdoor sport? No problem. Archery isn’t just to be enjoyed in the great outdoors. You’ll also be able to take part in indoor archery training and games. Below we’ve listed a couple of spots to check out as well as tips for first timers. Most places allow you to rent equipment, so you won’t need to bring anything but warm clothes and maybe a lunch in your Alaska fall car rentals.

Archery range options

Our first recommendation for archery range and shop won’t take you any further than Anchorage. Backcountry Archery in Anchorage is owned by an experienced and knowledgeable archer. Whether you’re going in as an expert or as an amateur, he’ll make sure you feel right at home. He’ll help you find anything you need, and offer advice for anything you don’t know.

If you’re looking for an indoor event, Screaming Eagle Archery of Alaska in Palmer is a good option. If you’re already an archery fanatic, then you’ll be impressed by the shop alone. There’s plenty of top-rated archery gear for purchase to improve your current stock.

For archery, they offer 20 20-yard lanes and 4 10-yard lanes. You also have the option of shooting at one of their 2 movable targets for closer range archery – if you’re feeling up for a challenge. A parking lot is provided for your Alaska fall car rentals.

Full Curl Archery LLC is another archery shop in Anchorage on Old Seward Highway that we’d recommend. They have top-quality, friendly service and a decent sized range with both 10- and 20-yard lanes.

Full Curl Archery also offers archery leagues and special events. Once you gain a little more experience, you’ll have a hard time resisting taking part. There’s even a Virtual Hunting Range, a.k.a. the Techno Hunt, which allows you to “hunt” for a variety of animals on screen with a blunt tip. It’s definitely a challenge, but one that will keep you coming back for more. For the beginner, Full Curl offers lessons in both private and group settings.

Tips for first timers

Shorter isn’t better. In the case of bows, bigger does mean better – at least in terms of accuracy. The longer and heavier your bow, the more accurate your shot will be. Despite the argument that smaller bows are lighter and easier to maneuver, the weight difference isn’t that significant, and it will cost you in accuracy.

While faster is often better in order to catch the game, if you can’t shoot quickly and accurately, don’t. The most important quality is accuracy. Sometimes that means you have to sacrifice speed. This will simply take some trial and error, and advice from a proper archer. That’s where classes can help.

Keep your eye on the prize. You want to look up the arrow shaft through the sight pin throughout your shot. This will allow you to practice with a better follow-through. It also prevents you from dropping your bow arm and losing accuracy.

Finally, be safe. Learning to shoot with lessons and in an archery range is a good way to make sure you have safe practices. Archery can be dangerous if you don’t engage in proper technique and if you aren’t in a safe zone when shooting.

Get involved in Alaskan culture and sport. Reserve your Alaska fall car rentals from Avis today.

Pack a Rod and Reel in Your Fall Alaska Rental Cars

The Homer Halibut Derby may have wrapped up mid-September, but the fishing season certainly has not yet come to a close. Fall in Alaska is the perfect time for salmon and trout fishing – and what a delicious time it is. Here in Alaska, we love fish. Trout and salmon pack enough flavor and meat for a full autumn of fishing. So if you haven’t already equipped your fall Alaska rental cars with your fishing gear, then you better start now. Because if you love to fish, and you love salmon, then now is the perfect time to bring out the rod and reel.

Beware of bears

There’s a reason that you can see more wildlife and bear sightings in Alaska throughout the fall. Bears are stocking up for their winter hibernation, and salmon is one of their favorite foods. The salmon running upstream are abundant. It’s almost as if they’re waiting to be caught, and certainly, you’ll have a much easier time capturing them.

However, with more bears out and about trying to catch their own stock of salmon, you’ll want to remain vigilant. Keep an eye and an ear out for brown bears. While black bears are often skittish enough to be scared off, brown bears have a bit more bite. Though many of our fall Alaska rental cars clients love to catch a bear sighting, it’s best done from a distance and from the inside of your vehicle. Brown bears definitely get grizzly, especially when they’re looking for their winter stock.

Bring along bear mace, and don’t be afraid to make loud noises to scare off bears. Keep food in an airtight container. And again, make sure to keep an eye out. Don’t stray too far from your fall Alaska rental cars, just in case you need to hop in quick. We want to make sure all of our clients stay safe. If you have concerns or questions, don’t hesitate to ask one of our representatives upon picking up your fall Alaska rental cars.

Best time of year for salmon

As we mentioned, this time of the year offers abundant salmon populations in Alaska. While September is supreme prime time for salmon fishing, we know that many of our clients were busy trying their hand in the Homer Halibut Derby. However, you’ll still find plenty of fish in the stream throughout the month of October.

Silver salmon are the most abundant. Your best bet for catching salmon is along the Kenai River running up to Sitka. And remember – the early bird gets the worm. The earlier in the day you can go, the more likely you are to beat out any crowd and to catch the morning upstream movements of salmon.

Fat trout waiting to be caught

Salmon isn’t the only fish that can be found in abundance in October. There are Rainbow trout and Dolly Varden trout just waiting to be caught. These species have spent the summer fattening up and are now making their way through the river.

Right in the middle of the Kenai you’ll find the fishing conditions to be perfect. Remember that these fish pose different fishing opportunities. Dollys are bottom swimmers. They stick to the riverbed and refuse to show their faces for anyone but the most ardent fishermen. But Dolly are important to our fisheries and diet – you’ll soon discover why. Dollies are incredibly tasty, but are better eaten when fresh and don’t freeze as well as other fish. That’s why we suggest catching them while you still have the chance!

Rainbow trout, though similar in flavor to dollies, freeze better. They’re good fare for catching to freeze for winter meals. You’ll want to load up your fall Alaska rental cars. This variety of trout sticks closer to the surface. They know they’re beautiful, and want to be seen!

So load up your fall Alaska rental cars with your fishing gear, and head out for a thrilling end to the fishing season. Reserve your fall Alaska rental cars from Avis today.



The Benefits and Pleasures of Fall in Alaska

The arrival of fall in Alaska means that winter isn’t too far behind. Temperatures drop, days shrink, and the threat of snow is just around the corner. But believe it or not, here at Avis Alaska, we love every season. And we think that our Alaska rental car clients will learn to love fall too. We see the beauty in the chill; the incredible opportunity in the dark. It’s about learning to adjust and learning to appreciate weather that doesn’t boast of beaches and tanned forearms.

In fact, with a slight change in mindset, you’ll rapidly uncover the splendid atmosphere of Alaska in autumn. Just in case, though, we’ve taken this opportunity to outline the wonders of Alaska in the fall for you – as well as a few pointers.

Prepare yourself

The most important thing you need to do is prepare yourself. Understand that the weather won’t be conducive to t-shirts and shorts, and that you may want to carry an extra flashlight in your Alaska rental car. In fact, you may want to invest in a headlamp in case the light fades while you’re still out and about.

Some Alaskans also recommend an increase in Vitamins D and C intakes. Whether it’s with little supplements, or an increase in your orange juice supply, this can help combat the reduced exposure to sunlight.

Finally, add a few layers. You don’t need anything big and bulky yet, but a couple extra cardigans or a robust scarf can go a long way. Extra padding will ensure you can continue to enjoy outdoor activities throughout the season. Not sure how many to bring on an outing? Pack a couple extra hoodies in your Alaska rental car, and perhaps a pair of gloves and a hat. Just in case!

The aurora borealis is back

Ahhh we’ve dearly missed the aurora borealis. This exquisite natural phenomenon has made its way back to the skies for your enjoyment. Unfortunately our summer Alaska rental car clients missed it, and trust us – it’s definitely a regret. If you haven’t seen the aurora, then you’re in for a treat. The undulating lights and colors will almost have you believing in magic again.

For the best aurora sightings, you may want to consider an Aurora Borealis tour. These viewings ensure you get a full experience of the famous lights. If you’d rather see them on your own, one place we’d recommend for a good view is atop the Alaska Range in Denali National Park.

In general, the sky may be darkening quicker and for longer periods, but it has many more lights than throughout the summer. Alaskan summer nights don’t bode well for the stars. Now that the dark nights have returned, you’ll catch far more star sightings. Head out for a night of star-gazing in your Alaska rental car, or stay in beside a booming camp fire.

Out come wildlife

Fall in Alaska is the perfect time to see all kinds of wildlife! Bears are out and about berry hunting. It’s time for them to fatten and stock up for winter hibernation. Of course, you’ll want to keep a bit of a distance from these Alaskan inhabitants. While black bears can be frightened away, brown bears are best seen from the inside of your Alaska rental car.

Moose are also out wandering in the cooler weather, alongside horned sheep. Graceful tundra swans sweep over the land. Make sure to bring your camera to capture the wildlife sightings you’re sure to have. For many of our Alaska rental car clients, this is the first opportunity to see a moose. You won’t be disappointed. Their massive size is even more impressive in person. Make sure you don’t startle them, however, as they may attack when scared.

In general, we’d highly recommend Denali National Park for many of these fall sights. Its vast expanse has a lot to offer, ranging from wildlife and aurora sightings to outdoor activities and hiking.

Start planning your fall trip to Alaska with a reliable and comfortable Alaska rental car. Reserve your vehicle with Avis today.





New Ways to Discover Alaska

Alaska is a state with endless possibilities. Its landscape is vast and widely uninhibited by human civilization. Its culture is unique and intriguing. And, best of all, its opportunities for discovery are boundless. While we often favor using Alaska SUV rentals to explore the state, we also know that there are countless other ways to uncover the great secrets of this land. We’d like to share them with our Alaska SUV rentals clients now.

Below you will find different ways to discover Alaska. These will show you uninhibited glimpses into the wildlife and natural world of the state and are guaranteed to astonish you. Whether you want to find a free new route or are willing to pay for a tour, there’s a little something for everyone. All we ask in return is that you embrace the landscape with your eyes wide open.

While there are the usual ways to explore the state – kayaking, hiking, boat tours, etc. – we wanted to offer a few that you may not have thought of. The Majestic Alaska Tour and a road trip on the Seward Highway show other sides of Alaska, or in the case of the tour offer a comprehensive Alaskan experience.

Majestic Alaska Tour

The Majestic Alaska Tour begins in 2017, but if you opt for this route, you’ll want to book now. Early payment is required, and they only accept bookings up until January – assuming there are still spots available by then. The tour spans 8 days and shows you nearly every aspect of Alaskan culture and landscape. However, we will warn that it is certainly not for those looking to see Alaska on a budget. This tour is $2498 per person during its cheapest season, and goes up to $2696 per person in peak months. Optional experiences are also available, but it’ll cost extra.

Yet, you’re not paying that price for nothing. This trip will take you from Fairbanks to Denali National Park, over the Alaska railroad to Anchorage and down to the Kenai Fjords National Park before arriving in Seward. Final destination in Anchorage, as it is the most convenient travel hub.

This trip will include many of your meals and hotels, but it will also offer you a chance to explore the state with some guidance. You can miss a lot of important history when simply driving through in your Alaska SUV rentals. This tour will teach you of the indigenous peoples of the state and their cultural heritage. It will let you taste the local flavors of each city, and glimpse the wildlife native to that land, and many other unforgettable opportunities.

If you’re unwilling to spend the money, however, our Alaska SUV rentals agents would be happy to offer you a list of must-see spots and restaurants where you can gain a similar experience. Much of Alaska’s beauty is outlined on this blog already.

Take your Alaska SUV rentals down Seward Highway

As we mentioned, we tend toward the ways we can discover Alaska in our car rentals. The Seward Highway is one such way to uncap the mysteries of this state while enjoying a drive.

This road stretches from Anchorage to Resurrection Bay in Seward at mile 0, and traverses through numerous villages, towns, and passes on the way. Because of the adverse weather in the winter, we’d advise driving this 127-mile road in the summer. While it is entirely possible to take this trip in a single day, why not make a weekend of it? Explore the finer details and quirky sights of Alaska.

The Seward Highway will give you the benefit of seeing all of the wildlife that Alaska has to offer, as well as mountains and foothills, oceans and cliffs, icebergs and ice fields, rivers and green fields. You’ll find beavers, belugas, waterfowl, sea lions, moose, black bears, marmots, and many other creatures. Along the way are great spots for fishing including what is known as the fisherman’s paradise at Bird Creek.

We could go on about the incredible and awe-inspiring diversity on this route, but it could take an entire novel. You’ll just have to see for yourself.

Explore Alaska this fall with the help of Avis Alaska SUV rentals. Reserve your vehicle today to make sure you don’t miss out on discovering this great state.