The Benefits and Pleasures of Fall in Alaska

The arrival of fall in Alaska means that winter isn’t too far behind. Temperatures drop, days shrink, and the threat of snow is just around the corner. But believe it or not, here at Avis Alaska, we love every season. And we think that our Alaska rental car clients will learn to love fall too. We see the beauty in the chill; the incredible opportunity in the dark. It’s about learning to adjust and learning to appreciate weather that doesn’t boast of beaches and tanned forearms.

In fact, with a slight change in mindset, you’ll rapidly uncover the splendid atmosphere of Alaska in autumn. Just in case, though, we’ve taken this opportunity to outline the wonders of Alaska in the fall for you – as well as a few pointers.

Prepare yourself

The most important thing you need to do is prepare yourself. Understand that the weather won’t be conducive to t-shirts and shorts, and that you may want to carry an extra flashlight in your Alaska rental car. In fact, you may want to invest in a headlamp in case the light fades while you’re still out and about.

Some Alaskans also recommend an increase in Vitamins D and C intakes. Whether it’s with little supplements, or an increase in your orange juice supply, this can help combat the reduced exposure to sunlight.

Finally, add a few layers. You don’t need anything big and bulky yet, but a couple extra cardigans or a robust scarf can go a long way. Extra padding will ensure you can continue to enjoy outdoor activities throughout the season. Not sure how many to bring on an outing? Pack a couple extra hoodies in your Alaska rental car, and perhaps a pair of gloves and a hat. Just in case!

The aurora borealis is back

Ahhh we’ve dearly missed the aurora borealis. This exquisite natural phenomenon has made its way back to the skies for your enjoyment. Unfortunately our summer Alaska rental car clients missed it, and trust us – it’s definitely a regret. If you haven’t seen the aurora, then you’re in for a treat. The undulating lights and colors will almost have you believing in magic again.

For the best aurora sightings, you may want to consider an Aurora Borealis tour. These viewings ensure you get a full experience of the famous lights. If you’d rather see them on your own, one place we’d recommend for a good view is atop the Alaska Range in Denali National Park.

In general, the sky may be darkening quicker and for longer periods, but it has many more lights than throughout the summer. Alaskan summer nights don’t bode well for the stars. Now that the dark nights have returned, you’ll catch far more star sightings. Head out for a night of star-gazing in your Alaska rental car, or stay in beside a booming camp fire.

Out come wildlife

Fall in Alaska is the perfect time to see all kinds of wildlife! Bears are out and about berry hunting. It’s time for them to fatten and stock up for winter hibernation. Of course, you’ll want to keep a bit of a distance from these Alaskan inhabitants. While black bears can be frightened away, brown bears are best seen from the inside of your Alaska rental car.

Moose are also out wandering in the cooler weather, alongside horned sheep. Graceful tundra swans sweep over the land. Make sure to bring your camera to capture the wildlife sightings you’re sure to have. For many of our Alaska rental car clients, this is the first opportunity to see a moose. You won’t be disappointed. Their massive size is even more impressive in person. Make sure you don’t startle them, however, as they may attack when scared.

In general, we’d highly recommend Denali National Park for many of these fall sights. Its vast expanse has a lot to offer, ranging from wildlife and aurora sightings to outdoor activities and hiking.

Start planning your fall trip to Alaska with a reliable and comfortable Alaska rental car. Reserve your vehicle with Avis today.