Welcome to Skagway
Summer Address:State St &, 2nd Ave, Skagway, AK 99840
About Skagway


To get to the Klondike Highway, leave parking lot, right at stop sign, north on State Street (turns into Klondike Hwy). This route goes to White Pass, the Yukon Territory, Carcross, Emerald Lake and beyond. Round trip to Emerald Lake is about 4-6 hours, depending on number of stops. The United States Customs Checkpoint is 7 miles from Skagway. You MUST have a passport with you past this point. Canadian Customs Checkpoint in the Fraser area in British Columbia is 20 miles from Skagway. Please return cars with full tanks, as when you picked up (unless you prepaid for fuel). There are two options for refueling. Services Unlimited is on 2nd Ave. and State St. The Corner Station is on 4th Ave. and Main St.


One of the most popular points of interest in Skagway is the Gold Rush Cemetery and Lower Reid Falls. As you travel north on State St, you will see a small brown and white sign that says “To the Cemetery”. Turn right and follow until you reach the cemetery and trail to the falls. Another point of interest is the Scenic Overlook about 2 miles down the Dyea Rd. Head out of town, after you cross the Skagway River, turn left at the “Dyea” sign. (Avoid the gravel roads 1 mile past the Scenic Overlook on the Dyea Road, our vehicles must stay on paved roads).


Shop in downtown Skagway’s Historical District, the area from Spring St. to State, 1st Ave. to 7th Ave. You will find souvenirs, galleries, museums and restaurants. The post office and Wells Fargo bank are on 6th Ave. and Broadway.


The National Parks Service Headquarters is on 2nd Ave. and Broadway; they have a wealth of information about the Gold Rush Era. The Skagway Visitors Center is on Broadway between 2nd Ave. and 3rd Ave. (the building covered with driftwood). They have plenty of maps and local info, including hiking trail maps.


The White Pass is between Skagway and Fraser Customs. The summit is 2,865 ft and is near the Alaska/Canada border. Snap a photo by the “Welcome To Alaska” sign. There are multiple stops along the White Pass as you travel towards Canada. We recommend stopping at all the marked points along the HWY.


After you pass through Canadian customs you will be traveling in the North Western corner of British Columbia. You will pass the Log Cabin Historic Site and The Gorge Suspension Bridge. The Suspension Bridge is a privately owned enterprise and there is an admission charge to view/cross the bridge if you stop here. After the suspension bridge you will travel along the Tutshi Lake and have the opportunity to stop a few times along the lake for viewing and pictures.

Mile 50 you will come to the Yukon Territory and see a large sign that reads, “Yukon, Larger Than Life”. After this point, look for places to stop as you travel along Windy Arm Lake.

Mile 59 Go to Bove Island overlook for a great stopping point.

Mile 65 Carcross, Yukon Territory on the Klondike Hwy. You will find a gas station, visitor’s center, Matthews General Store, a coffee shop, a bakery and a few other small stores.

Mile 67 Carcross Desert, “The World’s Smallest Desert”.

Mile 67.5 Caribou Crossing. They have a wildlife museum, dog sled rides, a gift shop and other amenities.

Mile 73.1 Spirit Lake Lodge is on the right side of the hwy. Most visitors make this their destination and turn around point. The large parking area offers an aerial view of the lake and is a great point for pictures.

If you care to continue, you will reach the Alaska Hwy. Turn left on the Alaska Hwy towards Whitehorse, the Yukon Territory capital. Whitehorse is 110 miles from Skagway.