Must-See Events this November!

The days may be getting darker and colder, but who ever said Alaska dies down in winter? This is the perfect time to be out and about in the North of the 49. Our Alaska winter rentals offer you the flexibility and mobility you need. All you need now is a place to go.

We’ve put together a little list of events around the state. A few of these are for Ducks Unlimited, which means you can be charitable to waterfowl conservation (and therefore hunting) while having a blast.

Ducks Unlimited Events

We’ll get started with these – they’re always a blast and they’re for a good cause. As avid hunters here at Avis Alaska, we want to make sure our hunting isn’t without a sustainable foundation.

If you’re a Waterfowl hunter, then check out the Mat-Su Waterfowl Hunters Party on November 5. With games and raffles you may just end up winning something while contributing to sustainable waterfowl hunting! If you’re looking for something a little more traditional and elegant, buy tickets for the Anchorage Fall Banquet on November 12, the Dillingham Banquet on November 19, or the Valdez Banquet also on November 19.

Finally, park your Alaska winter rentals for the night and join in on the fun at the Cooper Landing Bar Night! Fun, raffles, and a taco bar! It’s a great way to escape the cold and relax after a day enjoying the winter sports of Alaska.

Great Alaska Shootout

Despite Alaska’s reputation for hunting, the Great Alaska Shootout isn’t quite what it sounds like. This event occurs annually in Anchorage and brings together collegiate teams for a Thanksgiving weekend of friendly basketball competition.

The Great Alaska Shootout involves two women’s sessions and six men’s sessions, each involving two games. Games begin on November 22, 2016 and run until November 26, 2016. Tickets can be found online here.

Haines, Alaska Bald Eagle Festival

Do you want to show your patriotism? Are you proud to be an American, and proud of our strong national symbol – the bald eagle? Then take your Alaska winter rentals down to the Haines Bald Eagle Festival.

The Haines Bald Eagle Festival begins on November 7, 2016 and goes through November 13, 2016. Around this time of the year, thousands of bald eagles crowd around the Chilkat River to feed on the chum and Coho salmon that flock to the four mile region of the river that remains unfrozen. This has become the Chilkat Bald Eagle Preserve. It draws in huge crowds of people to see a rare sight – bald eagles in large groups, flocking around one area. It’s truly breathtaking.

While here you’ll get a chance to learn more about American bald eagles, and take part in the scientific and artistic cultural sides of this species.

Christmas bazaars and festivals

While you’re out and about Alaska, keep an eye out for the various holiday bazaars that will pop up across the state. With Thanksgiving almost upon us, Alaska has a great number of festivals and holiday markets to keep even Santa’s Elves busy. ‘Tis the season!

While not ever bazaar will begin opening really until December, you will catch a few of the early birds. For instance, the Coffman Cove Holiday Bazaar runs on November 5. The Ketchikan Winter Arts Faire is open from November 25 until November 27, and shows off ice sculpture talents from more than 75 artists in the area. During the same days, the Juneau Public Market kicks off the holiday season with a variety of vendors. Be careful – you may leave with your Alaska winter rentals considerably fuller than before! Also on November 25, “Christmas Comes to Kenai: North Pole on Ice” also begins and runs through until December.

No matter what, there are plenty of activities to get you into the holiday spirit!

But nothing can make your trip more complete than the perfect Alaska winter rentals. Avis can help you there. Reserve your vehicle from us today for great deals, safe winter handling, and friendly service.