Pack a Rod and Reel in Your Fall Alaska Rental Cars

The Homer Halibut Derby may have wrapped up mid-September, but the fishing season certainly has not yet come to a close. Fall in Alaska is the perfect time for salmon and trout fishing – and what a delicious time it is. Here in Alaska, we love fish. Trout and salmon pack enough flavor and meat for a full autumn of fishing. So if you haven’t already equipped your fall Alaska rental cars with your fishing gear, then you better start now. Because if you love to fish, and you love salmon, then now is the perfect time to bring out the rod and reel.

Beware of bears

There’s a reason that you can see more wildlife and bear sightings in Alaska throughout the fall. Bears are stocking up for their winter hibernation, and salmon is one of their favorite foods. The salmon running upstream are abundant. It’s almost as if they’re waiting to be caught, and certainly, you’ll have a much easier time capturing them.

However, with more bears out and about trying to catch their own stock of salmon, you’ll want to remain vigilant. Keep an eye and an ear out for brown bears. While black bears are often skittish enough to be scared off, brown bears have a bit more bite. Though many of our fall Alaska rental cars clients love to catch a bear sighting, it’s best done from a distance and from the inside of your vehicle. Brown bears definitely get grizzly, especially when they’re looking for their winter stock.

Bring along bear mace, and don’t be afraid to make loud noises to scare off bears. Keep food in an airtight container. And again, make sure to keep an eye out. Don’t stray too far from your fall Alaska rental cars, just in case you need to hop in quick. We want to make sure all of our clients stay safe. If you have concerns or questions, don’t hesitate to ask one of our representatives upon picking up your fall Alaska rental cars.

Best time of year for salmon

As we mentioned, this time of the year offers abundant salmon populations in Alaska. While September is supreme prime time for salmon fishing, we know that many of our clients were busy trying their hand in the Homer Halibut Derby. However, you’ll still find plenty of fish in the stream throughout the month of October.

Silver salmon are the most abundant. Your best bet for catching salmon is along the Kenai River running up to Sitka. And remember – the early bird gets the worm. The earlier in the day you can go, the more likely you are to beat out any crowd and to catch the morning upstream movements of salmon.

Fat trout waiting to be caught

Salmon isn’t the only fish that can be found in abundance in October. There are Rainbow trout and Dolly Varden trout just waiting to be caught. These species have spent the summer fattening up and are now making their way through the river.

Right in the middle of the Kenai you’ll find the fishing conditions to be perfect. Remember that these fish pose different fishing opportunities. Dollys are bottom swimmers. They stick to the riverbed and refuse to show their faces for anyone but the most ardent fishermen. But Dolly are important to our fisheries and diet – you’ll soon discover why. Dollies are incredibly tasty, but are better eaten when fresh and don’t freeze as well as other fish. That’s why we suggest catching them while you still have the chance!

Rainbow trout, though similar in flavor to dollies, freeze better. They’re good fare for catching to freeze for winter meals. You’ll want to load up your fall Alaska rental cars. This variety of trout sticks closer to the surface. They know they’re beautiful, and want to be seen!

So load up your fall Alaska rental cars with your fishing gear, and head out for a thrilling end to the fishing season. Reserve your fall Alaska rental cars from Avis today.