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Bob Rogers

Bob Rogers celebrated his 30th anniversary with Avis in January 2016. Bob loves the staff of Avis around Alaska, and enjoys working with his own employees at the Kenai location. Bob appreciates the way that Avis treats their employees with respect and care. He has been able to watch the company as it thrives and expands across Alaska, and has been happy to play a role in its growth. Bob loves to RV around in the summer to explore the state, and in the winter months enjoys snow-machining. Bob’s favorite activity is to drag race in Palmer.

Manager:Bob Rogers
Address:305 North Willow Street, Suite 114
Telephone:(907) 283-7900
Hours:M-F: 7am – 9pm
Saturday: CLOSED
Sunday: 9am – 9pm

About Kenai
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World Class Fishing

Most visitors come to Kenai to enjoy fishing in the famous Kenai River. Try to beat Les Anderson’s 97 lb. king salmon that he pulled out of the Kenai River in 1985, the world’s largest king salmon ever caught in sport fishing. King salmon, red salmon (or sockeye), silver salmon (or coho), and pink salmon all make their way up the Kenai River. Both the beauty of the scenery and the superior fish that migrate here have earned Kenai River the reputation as an angler’s dream come true.

Beluga Whale Lookout

The salmon attract more than people. Even beluga whales come to join in on the fun. You can look for belugas coming to feed on the salmon from the edge of the bluff at Beluga Whale Lookout, usually in late spring and early summer. The lookout also gives a good view of the mouth of the Kenai River and the volcanoes on the west of the Cook Inlet.

Local Fishing Charters

Many visitors book with local charters, due to their expertise of the Kenai River, best fishing spots, methods and bait  for catching various species of fish, and rules and regulations pertaining to this heavily governed area.

Outdoors and wildlife

Go hiking in the Kenai Mountains, and get a chance to see moose, caribou, bear and over 200 bird species. Here are some popular hiking trails for Kenai’s visitors. Visit here for more details.



Kenai National Wildlife Refuge Visitor Center

Rated: Easy

Distance: 2.5 miles

Tsalteshi Trails

Rated: Easy

Distance: Varies

Nikiski Community Trail

Rated: EASY

Distance: 1.5 miles round trip

Captain Cook State Recreation Area

Rated: EASY

Distance: 2.5 miles round trip

Russian Lakes Trail


Distance: 6 miles round trip

Resurrection Pass Trail


Distance: 39 miles long

Skilak Lookout Trail


Distance: 2.5 miles round trip

Kenai River Trail

Rated: EASY

Distance: 2.5 miles round trip

Johnson Pass Trail


Distance: 23 miles one way