Want a New Fall Sport? Test Out Archery

In Alaska, we love sports. We especially love sports that involve the great outdoors, and a certain amount of skill. Archery is one such sport that is not only useful, but a fun way to spend an afternoon. There are plenty of archery spots to be found around the state if you’re ready and willing to take your Alaska fall car rentals out for a drive.

Not looking for an outdoor sport? No problem. Archery isn’t just to be enjoyed in the great outdoors. You’ll also be able to take part in indoor archery training and games. Below we’ve listed a couple of spots to check out as well as tips for first timers. Most places allow you to rent equipment, so you won’t need to bring anything but warm clothes and maybe a lunch in your Alaska fall car rentals.

Archery range options

Our first recommendation for archery range and shop won’t take you any further than Anchorage. Backcountry Archery in Anchorage is owned by an experienced and knowledgeable archer. Whether you’re going in as an expert or as an amateur, he’ll make sure you feel right at home. He’ll help you find anything you need, and offer advice for anything you don’t know.

If you’re looking for an indoor event, Screaming Eagle Archery of Alaska in Palmer is a good option. If you’re already an archery fanatic, then you’ll be impressed by the shop alone. There’s plenty of top-rated archery gear for purchase to improve your current stock.

For archery, they offer 20 20-yard lanes and 4 10-yard lanes. You also have the option of shooting at one of their 2 movable targets for closer range archery – if you’re feeling up for a challenge. A parking lot is provided for your Alaska fall car rentals.

Full Curl Archery LLC is another archery shop in Anchorage on Old Seward Highway that we’d recommend. They have top-quality, friendly service and a decent sized range with both 10- and 20-yard lanes.

Full Curl Archery also offers archery leagues and special events. Once you gain a little more experience, you’ll have a hard time resisting taking part. There’s even a Virtual Hunting Range, a.k.a. the Techno Hunt, which allows you to “hunt” for a variety of animals on screen with a blunt tip. It’s definitely a challenge, but one that will keep you coming back for more. For the beginner, Full Curl offers lessons in both private and group settings.

Tips for first timers

Shorter isn’t better. In the case of bows, bigger does mean better – at least in terms of accuracy. The longer and heavier your bow, the more accurate your shot will be. Despite the argument that smaller bows are lighter and easier to maneuver, the weight difference isn’t that significant, and it will cost you in accuracy.

While faster is often better in order to catch the game, if you can’t shoot quickly and accurately, don’t. The most important quality is accuracy. Sometimes that means you have to sacrifice speed. This will simply take some trial and error, and advice from a proper archer. That’s where classes can help.

Keep your eye on the prize. You want to look up the arrow shaft through the sight pin throughout your shot. This will allow you to practice with a better follow-through. It also prevents you from dropping your bow arm and losing accuracy.

Finally, be safe. Learning to shoot with lessons and in an archery range is a good way to make sure you have safe practices. Archery can be dangerous if you don’t engage in proper technique and if you aren’t in a safe zone when shooting.

Get involved in Alaskan culture and sport. Reserve your Alaska fall car rentals from Avis today.