The Most Beautiful Peaks in Alaska

Alaska is a beautiful state, full of natural wonders and abundant in wildlife. If you’re taking a trip around the state in your Alaska car rentals, it’s nice to know where to go to get the most gorgeous view of all that Alaska has to offer. In particular, the mountains in Alaska are breathtaking.

Avis has searched around for the most beautiful peaks in the state. What we’ve found is stunning, and many of these mountains happen to be some of our favorite places. Here are just a few of the best peaks to visit in your Alaska car rentals.

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Go Green On Your Alaska Trip

The new trend in travel has a green tinge, and we’re loving it. At Avis Alaska car rentals, we’ve been thrilled by the increase in green travel options for our customers. Hotels are taking initiative in creating eco-friendly business models for their guests. We researched the green hotels for our customers so we can direct those with an eco-conscious lifestyle to the best choices.

Whether it’s a bed and breakfast or a traditional inn, there are options for everyone’s preferences. Below is a list of the green accommodations we found for you.

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Best Fishing Spots to Try in Your Alaska Car Rentals

Fishing is a huge industry in Alaska, and one of the most popular outdoor activities for residents and tourists alike. If you’re visiting Alaska, you can’t go home without spending a day out on the water catching salmon. There are festivals every year to try to catch the biggest fish, which are easy to get to in your Alaska car rentals. While you may not want to take part in the festivals, you can enjoy always fishing without the competition.

Avis has found some of the greatest spots in the state. With your Alaska car rentals, you can travel to any of these fishing spots without hassle. Load up the Alaska car rentals and head off on the best fishing experience of your life!

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