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Vonnie Vilandre has worked for Avis since 1978, and has enjoyed the family-oriented atmosphere for the near 4 decades of her time with them. Vonnie’s family has lived in Alaska since 1948, when they transferred for her father’s job on the Alaska Railroad. She originally began as Juneau’s manager before moving to Sitka to take up the managerial position there.

She is now also the Southeast Regional Manager. Besides the strong family atmosphere, her favorite part of working with Avis is getting to know people from all over the world and working her hardest to make the customers happy. Vonnie’s favorite activity in Alaska is berry picking in the summer to make jelly to give as Christmas gifts. She also loves boating along the gorgeous rivers in the state. Her favorite towns are Skagway, Petersburg, and Haines for the history and hidden gems throughout.

Manager:Vonnie Vilandre
Address:600 B Airport Rd
Ste 8
Telephone:(907) 966-2404
Hours:M – F 8 am – 12 am
S – S 9 am – 12 am

About Sitka
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  • Sitka


  • Sitka, Alaska

    Small beautiful seaside community

Coming in from a cruise ship?

Sitka has 2 tour ship docks, one in town, and one 5 miles down the road. We charge $25 to pick you up from the further location. Give us a call at 907-966-2404. Sitka is accessible only by boat or plane.  The Sitka International Airport is on Japonski Island, just over the O’Connell Bridge from downtown Sitka.

Flying into the airport?

Look for the red Avis counter in the airport.  


Sawmill Creek Road

See some of Sitka’s main attractions along Sawmill Creek Road, including: Arrowhead Hiking Trail, Alaska Raptor Rehabilitation Center, Thimble Berry Hiking Trail, Fortress of the Bear, and Herring Cove Trail at the end of the road.

Castle Hill

Castle Hill is the historic site where Alaska was officially transferred from Russia to the United States in 1867. (Now Castle Hill is known as ”Baranof Castle State Historic Site”)

Harrigan Centennial Hall

Built in Alaska’s Centennial Celebration (1967)

The Archangel Dancers give visitors a taste of Sitka’s Russian history

(Hall includes Sitka Historical Society and Museum)

Sheldon Jackson Museum

Alaska’s oldest museum (1895)

Alaska’s first concrete building

Wide display of Native Alaskan Artifacts

Sitka National Park

The park is the old Tlingit fort site (1804), when the Russians fought against the Tlingit people.

See totem poles at the waterfront.

Information center with small area where local artisans display their work.

Russian Bishop’s House

Sitka’s oldest intact Russian building (1842)

It has served as a school, residence for the bishop, and a chapel.

St. Michael’s Cathedral

Was the oldest standing Orthodox church in Alaska (1844-48), until destroyed in a fire (1966)

Russian Block House

The Russian Block House is a replica of what separated Russia and Tlingit sections of Sitka.

Pioneer’s Home

The Pioneer’s Home (1934) is a state home for the elderly, with a bronze statue of William “Skagway Bill” Fonda.  The home is at the corner of Lincoln St. and Katlian St.

Sitka Lutheran Church

The first Lutheran church on the west coast of North America.

St. Peter’s By the Sea Episcopal Church

Sitka was the capital city in 1895, and this church was the “See City”.

ANB Hall Alaska Native Brotherhood Building

The brotherhood building was built in 1914, and serves as an Alaska Native community center.

Sheet’ka Kwaan Naa Kahidi Tribal Community House

The house was once an Indian Government School, now offers Native dances, storytelling, and an authentic Native artwork shop.

Halibut Point Road

Get a good view of Mt. Edgecumbe Volcano, Halibut Point Recreation Park, Sitka Ferry Terminal, Old Sitka- the Site of the Battle during 1802. The road ends with hiking trails and Starrigavan Campground.