Which roads are paved and unpaved?

Restricted Highways
·         DEMSTER HIGHWAY                                     (Off Limits)
·         DENALI HIGHWAY                                        (Off Limits)
·         ELLIOTT HIGHWAY                                       (Off Limits)
·         DALTON HIGHWAY (HAUL ROAD)             (Off Limits)
·         McCARTHY ROAD                                         (Off Limits)
·         STEESE HIGHWAY                                         (Off Limits)
·         TAYLOR HIGHWAY                                       (Off Limits)
·         SWANSON RIVER ROAD (Kenai)                 (Off Limits)
·         SKILAK LOOP (Kenai)                                   (Off Limits)
·         TUSTAMENA LAKE ROAD (Kenai)              (Off Limits)
·         MARATHON ROAD                                       (Off Limits)
·         (Emergency Access Road – Kenai)            (Off Limits)
All other unimproved roads including any BEACH AREAS not listed are OFF LIMITS.
Unrestricted Highways
Before Rental

What are your Renter’s Requirements?

Renters must be at least 21 years old, have a valid driver’s license, and use a major credit card (not debit card).  International drivers must have a driver’s license issued from their own country. They will not need an International Driving Permit (IDP), but it is recommended to bring it if possible. Note: Chinese renters can use a Driver’s License Translation Service, since China does not issue IDPs to Chinese citizens.

You must be at least 21 years old (except military members with orders), ages 21-25 are charged an underage fee ($27/day) and can add ALI and/or LDW coverage. Underage drivers are limited to certain class vehicles; which are sub-compact (A), compact (B), mid-size (C), full-size (E), small SUV (F), Truck (T), and standard SUV (W).

Can I add additional drivers?

Yes, you can add additional drivers. They must be at least 25 years of age and meet the renter’s requirements. An additional driver fee may apply. There is no fee for the following: spouses, employers or coworkers (while on business) and renting under a corporate account, companion drivers of a disabled renter with a completed non-licensed renter form, and insurance replacement rentals, company employees or family members designated on the insurance policy.

How do I reserve online?

Go to the homepage and enter the location code (listed below) in the field labeled “Pick-up”. If you’re returning to a different location, check the appropriate box.

AC2 Downtown Anchorage ENA Kenai SIT Sitka AK8 Skagway
ANC Anchorage Airport JNU Juneau Airport ADQ Kodiak WT2 Whittier
FAI Fairbanks J2D Juneau Goldbelt Hotel H84 Haines PET Petersburg

How do I view/modify/or cancel my reservation?

Go to the homepage, and see a “view/modify/cancel” tab towards the top, and enter your last name and confirmation number.

Paying For Rental

Can I use a debit card to rent a vehicle?

No.  A major credit card is required to rent from Avis Alaska. (The card cannot say “Debit Card” or “Check Card”)

When you return the vehicle you can use your debit card to pay for the rental.

Pick-Up / Drop Off

Where do I pick up my vehicle?

Go to our locations, select the city, and all locations will be listed. The same page includes contact information, a map, directions, and relevant terms & conditions for the selected location. To find the Avis building in each city, go to our QUESTIONS BY LOCATION section below.

Can I pick up in one location and drop off in another?

Usually, unless we are required to retain vehicles in certain locations. We will charge a drop fee, which varies by locations. Speak with a service agent prior to booking. We retain some vehicles at seasonal locations, then transfer at the season’s end. Confirm with us before finalizing your plans. If you plan to come back to Anchorage or Fairbanks from Skagway at the end of the season, you may qualify for a discount.

During Rental

Can I drive the rental car into Canada?

Yes, but you must bring either your passport or two forms of ID (driver’s license and a birth certificate) with you to cross back and forth between the Canadian border. Canadian law used to forbid renters from taking the vehicles across the border, however, the Motor Vehicle Safety Act was amended in 2012 to allow them to cross.

Can I drive on unpaved roads?

No. We do not allow our renters to take our vehicles on unpaved (gravel) roads. If a renter ignores our policy by driving on unpaved roads, the LDW (Loss Damage Waiver) will not apply, even though they paid for it, since they violated the terms of the contract.

Will my rental have unlimited miles?

Yes, all of our rentals come with unlimited mileage.

After Rental

Do I need to return the vehicle with a full tank of fuel?

Here are your options for our fuel services. We rent the vehicles out with a full tank of fuel, and if you return the vehicle with a full tank, there is no charge. You have three options with fuel:

  1. If you drive less than 75 miles, you will be charged a flat fee as disclosed in your rental document. Avoid this charge by providing a receipt of fuel purchased upon return of the vehicle.
  2. If you don’t prepay for fuel and return the vehicle with less fuel, you will be charged at the per-mile or per-gallon rate as specified on the rental document.
  3. If you choose the fuel service option, you will be charged as shown on the rental document, and you will not pay us a fuel service charge.

What if I damage the vehicle?

If the renter does not return the vehicle in the same condition as it was rented, we will open a claim to recover any losses.

Request a Receipt

To request a receipt of your rental, please email

Questions By Location

Anchorage Downtown : How do I get to the Avis rental location?

If you are flying into Anchorage, follow the signs to the Avis counter in the Rental Car Center.

Fairbanks : How do I get to the Avis rental location?

If you’re coming in by train, call us when you arrive and we will pick you up at the train station. We have a shuttle to drop you back at the train station that leaves promptly at 7 am every morning. If you’re flying into the airport on a commercial airline, look for the red Avis counter in the airport. If you’re flying in on a commuter airline or private jet, call us when you arrive and we will pick you up. When you return the vehicle, we will drop you off.

Haines : How do I get to the Avis rental location?

Avis is in the Halsingland Hotel at 13 Ft Seward Dr. Whether you arrive by ferry, cruise ship, or airplane, call us at 907-766-2733 and we’ll direct you to Avis. Avis is a few blocks from the tour ships, 3 miles from the airport, and 5 miles from the ferry. Haines is accessible by road, boat and plane.

Juneau : How do I get to the Avis rental location?

If you’re coming in from a cruise ship, Avis is a short 5-10 minute walk away (one dock being the exception). Our station is across from the Fisherman’s Wharf, a big blue mall in downtown Juneau. If you are staying at the Goldbelt Hotel, they offer a free shuttle service to and from the airport. Once you land, call the hotel (907) 586-6900 and they will direct you to the shuttle. If you’re flying into the airport, look for the red Avis counter.

Kenai : How do I get to the Avis rental location?

Avis is easy to find in the small airport. Look for the Avis counter.

Kodiak : How do I get to the Avis rental location?

If you’re coming in from a cruise ship, call us when you get off the dock and a service agent will pick you up. Return the vehicle to the harbor where you will board the ship and we’ll pick it up for you. Avis is 2 or 3 miles from the port where the cruise ships dock.

Sitka : How do I get to the Avis rental location?

If you’re coming in from a cruise ship, Sitka has 2 tour ship docks, one in town, and one 5 miles down the road. Sitka is accessible only by boat or plane. The Sitka International Airport is on Japonski Island, just over the O’Connell Bridge from downtown Sitka. If you’re flying into the airport, look for the red Avis counter.

Skagway : How do I get to the Avis rental location?

Whether you’re coming in from a cruise ship, airplane, ferry or train, getting to Avis is easy. Cruise ships come to one of three docks in Skagway. All are within walking distance to Avis. Go to Third and Spring Street, which is 3 blocks away. If you do not want to walk, there is a “Smart Bus” that runs regularly from the docks to anywhere in town for only $2. For more info about the “Smart Bus,” please call 907-983-2743.

Whittier : How do I get to the Avis rental location?

If you are coming in by the cruise ship, Avis is 500 yards from the docks, in Lot 8 Small Boat Harbor. The cruise ship terminal is at the mouth of Whittier Creek. You can grab brochures and guidebooks at the rack in the terminal to learn more about tours, restaurants and shopping.