Tips for Hiking Before Heading Out in your Alaska Summer Car Rentals

Hiking is a big sport in Alaska. We just love it – and how could you not? In a state with so many national parks, glaciers, forests, mountains, tundra – you name it! Whether you’re new at hiking Alaskan terrain, or a seasoned pro, it’s nice to be reminded of some fundamental hiking tips to keep you safe. So before you head off in your Alaska summer car rentals looking for a prime hiking spot, read on for our hiking tips.

  1. Be careful on river crossings

One of the most important things to remember is to not drag your friends down with you when crossing a river. For deep waters, crossing arm in arm is your best bet, but for shallow rivers cross one at a time.

If you take your hiking partner down with you, who will be there to help you both up? Arm in arm is good for support, and hopefully steady enough to ensure no one falls. But for smaller rivers that are easily forded on your own, having the other person watch you from the other side will ensure you have someone to help in times of trouble.

And of course, never cross in a storm. Always wait the storm out as the current will become a lot more aggressive with high winds and rain. You may also want to unclip your pack from around your body. That way the weight of the pack can be shrugged off it begins to take you downriver in the event you’ve fallen in a heavy current.

Finally, look for the river crossing. There are always marks on the river directing towards the best route to cross the river.

  1. Choose footwear carefully

Do you want quick-drying hiking shoes so you don’t have to change your shoes when crossing a river? Or a separate pair of water shoes or river sandals to keep your socks and hiking shoes clean and dry?

Either way, make sure you think carefully about what might be most comfortable for you. There’s nothing like having uncomfortable feet in the interior! It can turn a relaxing, albeit challenging, hike into an unpleasant one. If you’re not sure, bring both and you can always leave one pair in the Alaska summer car rentals if you change your mind when you get to the trails.

  1. Know the signs of hypothermia

Whether you’re going on a quick trip or a weeklong venture, make sure you know the signs of hypothermia. Common symptoms include shivering, slurred speech, paled skin, decreased motor functions, and disorientation. If you catch these signs in someone in your group, change their clothes into dry, thick clothes with multiple layers. Keep them active, hydrated, warm, and fed. If you can stop to build a fire, do so. It is important that they keep moving, though, and stay warm.

At this point, you’ll likely want to call your trip and get back to your Alaska summer car rentals to get your friend help as soon as possible.

  1. Choose an appropriate level of hiking

It’s important to know your skills and your limitations. When you’re setting off in Alaskan terrain, choose your hike carefully. If you’re a beginner, or with beginners, here is a list of 10 easy hikes across Alaska. These hikes will still offer you the beauty and challenge of Alaskan wilderness, without threatening the safety or enjoyment of anyone in your group.

  1. Know how to handle the wildlife

Alaska is full of wildlife. It’s important to know how to deal with it, particularly with bears. We have a blog on dealing with bears effectively and safely that will be helpful to those unfamiliar with these parts. Furthermore, forest fires are a real issue in Alaska. Stay safe this fire season with our tips on fire safety.

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How to Cooperate and Co-exist Peacefully with Alaska’s Wolverines

Wolverines tend to get a bit of a bad wrap. These little guys are native to Alaska, and contrary to much lore surrounding them, are actually quite innocent. In fact, you may have never seen a wolverine even if you’ve been in Alaska for several years (or your whole life!). While it’s highly unlikely you’ll come across one of these little guys in your Fairbanks Alaska rental car, we still thought we’d debunk some myths.

Myth: Wolverines will attack

In all honesty, it’s improbable that a wolverine would attack you unless they feel threatened. They’re actually quite small creatures with thick bodies and short legs and would be hard pressed to attack a larger predator.

Wolverines are great at climbing trees and travelling long distances. This is all in the name of foraging for food for themselves and their families. While they have been known to kill moose, caribou, or Dall sheep, these require supreme circumstances and are quite uncommon. Generally, their food comes from carrion and smaller prey, such as voles and birds.

Wolverines habitat

Wolverines spend a majority of their adult lives travelling around looking for food, or else in their den with their families and litter. They will defend their food and territory from smaller predators. Unless you’re treading on their den and going near them in a threatening way while they eat, you’re safe. That being said, you still may want to see these beautiful creatures from the interior of your Fairbanks Alaska rental car to offer them a sense of safety.

You’ll recognize a den in the snow. It will be visibly a small hole in the snow, carved right in and stretching up to 60 yards in length (though, of course, you probably won’t be able to see that). Snow is needed for the wolverines to nurse their young and build their dens.

Studies have shown that dwindling snow patterns across the state of Alaska could be troubling for wolverines. Earlier melts have an impact on the safety and habitat of wolverines. This means that we need to be particularly careful when hunting and trapping these creatures.

Hunting and trapping wolverines

If you’re an experience hunter or trapper, then you understand that each species has its limitations. We can’t overhunt or trap, because that would cause the population to dwindle quicker than it can be replenished. The same goes for wolverines.

Wolverine fur is used to line coats and hoods. While this is partially because of its elegance and beauty, wolverine fur is also highly durable and incredibly frost-resistant. In colder climates, where the wind chill can freeze your face, wolverine fur can be an important resource in maintaining health and safety throughout the winter.

But it must be done properly. Unless you’re an experienced trapper with all of the proper legal documents, we’d highly dissuade you from taking your Fairbanks Alaska rental car out to track wolverines. Approximately 550 are hunted in Alaska every year.

If you do feel confident to try your hand at trapping wolverine, make sure to read into the regulations. Hunting regulations in Alaska can be found on the Alaska Department of Fish and Game website, here. You can find bagging limits, seasons, and information on where to find wolverine.

However, we’d also just like to encourage you to simply enjoy the sight of a wolverine if you happen to be lucky enough to see one in your Fairbanks Alaska rental car. These myth-inducing creatures are absolutely gorgeous and relatively harmless – particularly in comparison to the other wildlife we have in the area!

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June and July Events in Alaska This Year

In Alaska, we’re never bored. There’s always something to do, whether its snowmachining, skiing, or ice fishing in the winter, or camping, hunting, or hiking in the summer (to name just a few!). But if you’re new to Alaska and unsure of where to start, or if you’ve been here your whole life and just want to try something different, there are plenty of events across the state over the summer season to help keep you entertained. And, when you’ve got your Anchorage Alaska SUV rentals, the world is your oyster!

Homer Jackpot Halibut Derby

The Homer Jackpot Halibut Derby has been a grand tradition here in Alaska. In fact, it’s the longest running halibut derby in the state, and is definitely still going strong. Beginning on May 15, you may have missed the first month but you’ve got until September 15 to buy your tags and take part.

There are numerous opportunities to win the more than $90,000 in cash prizes available. Prize categories are the Jackpot Prize, Major Tagged Fish Prizes, Tagged Fish Prizes, Released Fish Prizes, Kids Prizes, and Catch a Lefty. The smallest prize available is Catch a Lefty for $100 – think of how much you could win!

So, what are you waiting for? Pack some food and your fishing gear into your Anchorage Alaska SUV rentals and head on up to Kachemak Bay!

Potter Marsh Bird Walk

Alaska is full of wildlife. Unless you’re a resident here, you may not be familiar with the names and species of each one, or aware of how to see them. The Potter Marsh Bird Walk in Anchorage is completely free and family friendly, as well as wheelchair accessible.

The walk runs through July 29 every Saturday from 8-10 am and Tuesday from 6:30 pm until 8:30 pm. You can find the guide at Potter Marsh Boardwalk. From there, your guide will bring you along for a leisurely stroll to help you identify the species of plants and animals around Anchorage. Guidebooks are available, and binoculars are free to borrow.

Make sure to check the weather though! Walks run regardless of weather, so you’ll want to dress accordingly. Not sure if it will hold off on rain? Pack an umbrella in your Anchorage Alaska SUV rentals for a judgment call when you get there.

Music in the Park

Are you looking for some musical entertainment? Check out Music in the Park in Soldotna Creek Park’s band stage. The event takes place every Wednesday, from June 7 until August 30 and features local and regional bands.

On top of music, you’ll have the choice of food vendors and a beer garden to really get out and relax on Hump Day. The middle of the week can be tough – let Music in the Park help you stay stress-free.

But don’t forget to pick a DD for your Anchorage Alaska SUV rentals if you’re taking advantage of the beer garden!

Fairbanks Summer Arts Festival

Music in the Park not enough? Then head on up to Fairbanks for their annual Summer Arts Festival. It runs from July 16 until July 30. There are a range of events including workshops, a salmon bake, Celtic ensemble, Flamenco, lunchtime chamber music, comedy, improve, art classes, readings by creative writers in the area, children activities, and more!

There really is something for everyone, so head on up to the Fairbanks Summer Arts Festival in your Anchorage Alaska SUV rentals!

Tickets can be purchased here.

Fourth of July

And of course, it wouldn’t be July if there weren’t a few Fourth of July celebrations! These take place across the state, and are usually right in the city centre. They’re easy to find, with delicious American classics and a proper fireworks show.

These will often take place the Sunday before the fourth. For instance, in Whittier, a BBQ, parade, fireworks, and kids events takes place on Sunday, July 2. So keep an eye out!

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