Alaska Northern Lights Tours in November

We’re known for a few things here in Alaska: Winter, winter sports, fishing, hunting, and, inevitably the most beautiful, the Northern Lights. The Northern Lights, or Aurora Borealis, are an incredible sight. If you’re visiting in the winter, then you’re visiting at the perfect time to see one of Mother Nature’s most beautiful creations. We always encourage our Alaska winter car rentals clients to look out for these beauties. Sometimes that means leaving the Alaskan cities and heading a little closer to the wilderness.

Not sure where to see the sights? That’s okay. Fortunately, here in Alaska, we like to make sure our visitors are taken care of. Tours are available for Northern Lights viewings. Once that’s done, you’ll know where to take your Alaska winter car rentals – just in case one sighting wasn’t enough.

Some things to know about the Aurora Borealis

There are a couple of things you’ll want to know before setting off on this endeavor.

First, you’re here at the prime time. The Northern Lights are visible through September to April. While you may catch a glimpse here or there in the warmer months, fall through early spring when the nights are longest and darkest is your best bet. You can’t see the aurora in the daytime or in cloudy, light night skies.

Second, the aurora isn’t always predictable. You can’t always know when the aurora borealis will show its incredible shimmer or where. However, if you want to have your best chance, look between 11:30 p.m. and 3:30 a.m., with the peak hour usually appearing around 1:30 a.m. That’s right – if you want to see a good glimpse of the aurora then it’s going to be a late night. You may want to take a nap earlier in the day so you’re not driving drowsy in your Alaska winter car rentals.

Finally, make sure to wear extra warm clothing. As I’m sure you can imagine, Alaska is a little bit nippy in the winter. You’ll want to wear warm socks, heavy boots, thick sweaters, scarves, a hat, mittens, and a good coat. You can’t go too far. Try windbreakers and a few hand and foot warmers that will make sure you don’t get chilly. Again – better safe than sorry, so there’s no harm in packing extra sweaters and socks in your Alaska winter car rentals.

Tours to see the lights

There are a few different guided tours to see the lights. If you go to Fairbanks, you can catch the Northern Alaska Tour Company. This region is the “aurora oval” where the aurora borealis is the most visible. The tour will even take you a couple hours north to see a few more sights and the aurora.

Many of our Alaska winter car rentals clients stay around Anchorage. If that fits you, try the Salmon Berry Tours Northern Lights Excursions. These will allow you to park your Alaska winter car rentals and will take care of everything. Depending on the experience you’re looking for, the Salmon Berry Tours offer both overnight and multi-day outings. Thinking of a perfect romantic experience with your sweetheart? This may be exactly what you’re looking for. Spectacular sights, romantic midnight outings beneath the aurora – more picture opportunities than you’ll be able to capture. The Salmon Berry Tours season starts November 15.

The Arctic Circle Aurora Overnight Adventures offers 2 to 3 day excursions. This will involve a flightseeing opportunity around the Brooks Mountain Range. It goes from Fairbanks to Coldfoot village.

You’ll never get a better experience than that of the tours to view the aurora borealis. And you just need the perfect Alaska winter car rentals to finish off an amazing trip. Reserve from Avis today.