Get into Winter with Snowmobile Tours Around Alaska

Welcome back to one of the most glorious times of the year! The time of freezing weather, thick snow, and winter sports! Here at Avis Alaska, we live for the various sports that begin once the snow starts. One of our favorites? Snowmobiling. And with your Alaska winter car rentals, the world is your oyster. So pack up your Alaska winter car rentals with warm clothes and hit up one of these top snowmobiling experiences.

Start with a tour

One of the best ways to get to know snowmobiling in Alaska is with a tour. We list a variety of tours below, but first we’re going to let you know why this is a viable option.

The thing is that a well-seasoned and life-long Alaskan is always going to know the trails better than visitors are. And the Alaskan wilderness isn’t always a safe space. So why not get to know the trails with an experienced snowmobiler before renting one yourself?

Not only that, but these tour guides will be able to show you parts of Alaska that you may not otherwise see. It’s one thing to know that there are sites to see – it’s another to know where these are and exactly how you should see them. Tour guides can help with that. Once you’ve discovered the site, you can always go back for more on your own time whether on a snowmobile or in your Alaska winter car rentals.

Finally, tours may offer you the chance to meet other people while traveling. This can be a fun way to bond with other travelers about two things we love most – machines and the Alaskan winter wilderness.

Tours an option

There are a few fun tours that we’d recommend. One is the snowmobile Gold Mine Tour. This tour is great for early season snowmobiling, and its well-groomed trails allow for a great experience for both beginner and expert snowmobilers. The groups are always small and manageable – around 5 to 6 people – which allows you to connect with both your guide and other tour takers. However, if your group is larger we’d advise you to speak to someone at the company as they may be able to offer larger tours.

The tour includes reindeer hot dogs on the campfire. Cost is $200 for 3.5 hours offered by Glacier City Snowmobile Tours. You’ll even see sites that were used in Hollywood films!

Also offered by the same company is the Real Deal Blue Ice Tour. For $250, you get a 5.5 hour tour that traverses across the Chugach Mountains. But be warned – this is an intense tour. The Real Deal Blue Ice tour is challenging and can be difficult. It will lead you inside of glaciers – but only times approved by the US Forest Service.

Finally, we’d recommend the expeditions and day tours offered by Snow Safaris. These range from one to 5 days and even offer custom tailored tours. There are a variety of opportunities for filming and photo shoots, if you’re looking for a new group shot.

Multiple day expeditions include overnight stays and all meals. They take care of any driving needed to and from your hotel so your Alaska winter car rentals can stay safe and sound in your hotel garage.

Snowmobile rentals

If you’re ready to rent a machine and head off, you’re in luck. Alaska is full of snowmobile rentals companies. The tour companies listed above offer rentals with each of their tours and individual rentals. Other rental companies include Alaska Backcountry Access, Alaska Toy Rental, and Alaska Snowmobile Tours and Rentals.

However, if you’re setting off on your own, make sure you go prepared. Bring a pack with an emergency kit including snacks, water, candles, flashlight and extra batteries, GPS AND paper map, flares, full charged cell phone, and a thermo-blanket. Better to be safe than sorry.

Winter is a glorious time in Alaska. Don’t believe us? Let us show you. Reserve your Alaska winter car rentals from Avis today for an unbelievable Alaskan experience.