Take Your SUV Alaska Rentals to See One of the Toughest Ski Races

If it isn’t extreme it isn’t worth it – at least that’s what some Alaskans think. Every year, Summit Lake is home to one of the toughest, most extreme alpine skiing events and most thrilling snowmobile races – all packed into one. This month, Arctic Man comes back to Alaska from April 3 to 9. If you’re looking for a little last minute winter action before summer hits, take your SUV Alaska rentals up to Summit Lake to catch the Arctic Man races.

About Arctic Man

Arctic Man has been running since 1986 in the Hoo Doo Mountains of Summit Lake, Alaska. It is a combination sport, with teams of one downhill skier and one snowmobile driver.

The skier starts off the race at an elevation of 5,800 feet. They then ski down a 2-mile slope to the bottom of a canyon, so steep that it takes them 1700 feet lower in elevation in that short distance. Once in the canon partners meet up to continue the race. Once joined, the skier takes hold of a towrope attached to the snowmobile to travel the last 2.25 miles at 86 mph. For the last 1200-foot drop, skier and snowmobile separate again for the skier to ski the second mountain.

Book early

Roughly 13,000 spectators attended the 2016 Arctic Man. Clearly, adventure-junkies from around the world are ready to pounce. This means that the small village around this mountain tends to book up quickly.

If you want to attend this year’s event and you haven’t booked a hotel or your SUV Alaska rentals yet, it’s time to get on it quickly. We want to make sure you get the rental you want at the rates you deserve.

If you already have your SUV Alaska rentals, but you’ve decided to extend your trip to see Arctic Man, talk to your rental agency to discuss extension policies and potential fees that will apply.

The schedule

The schedule of Arctic Man will vary based on whether or not you’re partaking in the race or spectating. Spectators won’t have much to do before the actual race day, Thursday, April 6. In the two days before that, the course is open for practice, however. For those who aren’t satisfied with just one day, you may want to take your SUV Alaska rentals up to the mountain to check it out. It can be fun to see the build up of excitement in the days leading up to the race.

The race begins on April 6 at 11 am, though forerunners begin at 10:30 am. Make sure not to book your SUV Alaska rentals and hotels too tight – if in the case of inclement weather or other issues, the race will be postponed until Friday, April 7 or Saturday, April 8 if Friday is cancelled, as well.

Try your luck by taking part in the raffle. Tickets are $60 a piece, or $100 for 2. The draw takes place at 11 pm on April 8, and has a variety of grand and cash prizes, including credit at places like Polaris and to buy a vehicle.

Parking for your SUV Alaska rentals

Taking your SUV Alaska rentals up to the races? Fortunately there’s parking, but you’ll need to register in advance.

The parking pad map can be found here. It’s just off the Richardson Highway and can fit a few hundred vehicles comfortably. This is a good spot to set up camp while you watch the races. Costs of parking can be pricey, but the spots are well-sought after and can be tough to get. After March 1, the price is $160 for a spot plowed spot with security and patrol, outhouses on site, dumpsters, and a nearby medical tent.

Don’t miss out on one of Alaska’s most exciting events. Reserve your SUV Alaska rentals today!

Celebrating 150 Years of Alaska! Fun Facts You May Not Have Known

This March 30, we celebrated the 150th anniversary since America bought Alaska from Russia. The 49th state, but the Northern most one divided from the “lower 49”, we’re proud to call this unique, young state our home. And it certainly is unique! Here are a few fun facts about the state to ponder while you’re out and about enjoying the landscape in your Alaska car rentals this spring.

Alaska: the 49th State

On March 30, 1867, the United States of America purchased what would become our 49th state from Russia for a mere $7.2 million. In fact, Alaska is just 50 miles from the Western most tip of Russia!

However, Alaska wasn’t granted statehood until 1959. Before that time it was the Department of Alaska, the District of Alaska, then the Alaska Territory before its place as our 49th became official.

Wildlife population: 50% of human

The wildlife population is Alaska is famous. From polar bears to reindeer, Alaska is a state romping with beautiful, enormous creatures. But did you realize that the total population of black bears, polar bears, brown bears, and moose is nearly half the population of people in the state? With only 737,000 people in Alaska, it is definitely one of the under populated regions of America; the overall population density is less than 2 people per square mile. But with 175,000 moose, 100,000 black bears, 30,000 brown bears, and 4,700 polar bears, you’re almost as likely to come across a wild animal in your Alaska car rentals as you are to come across a person!

Be careful though. This high population of wildlife unfortunately also means there’s a higher likelihood of fatal collision. Roughly 550 to 800 moose are killed each year from motor vehicle collisions on the highways. That’s why driving safely and undistracted in your Alaska car rentals is so critical.

The largest state

Which state is America’s largest? If you guessed Texas, you’d be close – but, still wrong. In fact, Alaska is more than twice the size of Texas. Don’t think that’s impressive? Well, not only is Alaska America’s largest state, it is also only exceeded in size for a single region’s landmass by 16 countries in the world.

Speaking of size, Alaska’s largest lake takes up roughly the same land area as Connecticut. It’s Lake Iliamna in Southwest Alaska at the north end of the Alaska Peninsula. Head on up in your Alaska car rentals to look for the legendary Lake Iliamna monster.

What’s in a name?

Like many places across Canada and the United States, this state’s name comes from an indigenous word. “Alaska” is derived from an old expression from local indigenous tribes, meaning “object to which the action of the sea is directed.”

Furthermore, Alaska is the only state name that can be typed using just one line of a computer keyboard.

The wildlife and fishing of Alaska

Alaska is known for its wildlife. So, naturally, there must be some quirky facts about them!

It’s illegal in the state of Alaska to disturb a sleeping bear in order to take its photographs. That makes sense! After all, the saying goes, never wake a sleeping bear.

The fishing and seafood industry across the state is crucial to its economy. It maintains the livelihood of large numbers of residences, while also ensuring their food supply is maintained throughout the year in a landscape that doesn’t take kindly to agriculture. This industry is the largest private industry employer in Alaska.

Of course, it makes sense that fishing would be so important. The state has over 3,000 rivers and an incredible 3 million lakes. It’s bordered by thee seas, and contains 20,171 square miles of inland water, which is more than any other state. One more fish fact – the largest ever salmon was caught in the Kenai River, weighing in at a whopping 97.5 lbs!

Do you need any more reason to go fishing this summer? Alaska is definitely the place to do it. We love our state, and if you haven’t been yet, we know you will too. Reserve your Alaska car rentals from Avis for a summer of fun, fishing, and freedom from the bustle of the city.

Fall in Love with Homer, Alaska This Spring and Summer

This month with the Homer Winter King Salmon Tournament on March 25 we thought we’d revisit Homer, Alaska. The city is a great place to visit, but sometimes can be overshadowed by Anchorage or Fairbanks. That being said, there’s plenty to do in this great town. If you’re headed there already for the Homer Winter King Salmon Tournament, you might as well stay occupied when you’re not fishing – or at least know how to keep the non-fishers in your group occupied! You may find yourself dropped off with your tackle box while your family heads off in your Homer Alaska car rentals.

The Homer Winter King Salmon Tournament

You may be too late to take part in the 2017 Winter King Salmon Tournament, which took place on March 25, but it’s never too early to start planning for next year. After all, this tournament causes a rush in Homer Alaska car rentals and hotel occupancies.

This year the tournament’s champion was Ron Johnson, a native of Homer. He definitely took home the jackpot with $32,381.25 in side bets and $21,147.00 for catching a 25.65lb white king salmon. Second and third prizes were $14,098.00 for a 25.10lb king plus $8,062.50 in side bets and $11,077.00 for a 24.30lb king salmon. Sound enticing? If you missed your chance this year, make a note to book your Homer Alaska car rentals and register for the tournament well in advance for next year’s tournament.

And of course, if you don’t win, you at least have a fresh salmon dinner to look forward to!

Homer Jackpot Halibut Derby

Want another chance to win at fishing? Register now for the Homer Jackpot Halibut Derby. The Derby is an annual event beginning around mid-May and running through until mid-September. You need a ticket in order to participate in the Derby, and without one you aren’t able to claim a prize. It’s happened more than once where an unhappy angler caught a great fish, but wasn’t able to claim the prize because they were ticketless.

Get your ticket for the Derby now!

Water fun

Looking for something to do out on the water, without having to join in the fishing? Take a cruise around Kachemak Bay. This narrated cruise will provide you the chance to see whales, sea otters, ducks, and bald eagles that live in the area. The cruise stops at Eldred Passage and the Gull Island Seabird Rookery. Look around for some other harbor tours and water taxis that will show you around the various coves and bays on the coast.

Ever tried sea kayaking? Now’s your chance! If you’re new at this sport, sign up for a guided trip through one of the outfitters around the Bay. Otherwise, take a water taxi out to a private paddling area and enjoy. Return to the peace and quiet of nature on the water. As much as we love the freedom provided by our Homer Alaska car rentals, this type of freedom on the water is absolutely priceless.

Land adventures

There are plenty of adventures to take part in on land – like glacier hiking! You’ll need to take a water taxi across to Kachemak Bay State Park, but it’s definitely worth it. After hiking through boreal forest, you’ll get to Grewingk Glacier, where you can hike up for the beautiful views across the horizon.

Sometimes you just need to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Residents of Homer, Alaska are certainly aware of this. That’s why there are 5 remote cabins for public use around Kachemak Bay State Park. You can reserve these either online or at the state park office. Just make sure to pack your Homer Alaska car rentals with plenty of bug spray and extra layers.

Get out to explore Homer this spring! Reserve your Homer Alaska car rentals from Avis today for a thrilling adventure, both on land and by water.


The End of an Era: Saying Goodbye to the Alaska Aces

The Alaska Aces – one of this state’s gems. This team let us feel proud of our boys, and geared up to enjoy a good night of hockey and fun. But, unfortunately, now it’s time to say goodbye. After this season, you will no longer be able to bring your Alaska winter car hires to see the Alaska Aces play.

Reasons behind the team’s end

Team owners explained the difficulty behind the decision, citing financial burdens and the economic downturn as the final deciding factor. They explain that deliberations lasted months before a decision was reached.

It’s a sad fact that Alaska’s economy is not up for supporting the costs of a professional hockey team. Owners detailed the severe effects of job losses in Alaska, including $262,000 drop in season ticket sales and 1500 decrease in spectator numbers per game. It’s not just local spectator funding that’s down either. Sponsorship revenue fell $600,000 this year alone. In an age that’s concerned about keeping up with bills and putting food on the table, professional hockey teams need to take a break.

However, there is some light at the end of the tunnel. Who knows if the end of the team is permanent? The ownership team applied for Voluntary Suspension of operations – could that mean the team may restart with an upsurge in the economy? We can only hope.

In the meantime, let’s remember the great memories that this team has offered. Feel free to share your stories of taking your Alaska winter car hires to an Aces game in the comments below.

Season ticket refunds

Already put money down on a season? Don’t worry. You’ll get your money back. Owners expressed an apology towards loyal fans who have already placed a deposit on season tickets for the 2017-2018 season. All deposits will be refunded in full.

Catching the last few games

Fortunately, the season doesn’t end until April. That means that you still have a few more chances to take your Alaska winter car hires to see the Aces play before they cease operations.

Their first 7 games of March are unfortunately away games, with the Utah Grizzlies, Colorado Eagles, and Rapid City Rush. However, they come back to Alaska for a home game facing the Cincinnati Cyclones on March 15 at 7:15pm. Following that, they have 5 more home games throughout the month, each beginning at 7:15. These are March 17 and 18 against the Cincinnati Cyclones, and March 24, 25, and 26 against Rapid City Rush.

On March 29 and 30 they are away again to play the Fort Wayne Komets and the Quad City Mallards, respectively. They face off against the Quad City Mallards again on April 1, before finishing the season in their home rink. Their final three games will take place on March 5, 7, and 8 against the Idaho Steelheads.

Buy your tickets now to make sure you catch one of these games in your Alaska winter car hires before it’s too late.

A sad loss for Alaska

The loss is a substantial one for Alaska sports fans. The Alaska Aces held the role of Alaska’s only professional team. With their end, comes also the end of Alaska’s professional sports. Fans across the state are devastated and heartbroken by the news. For these fans, the team offered more than just somewhere to take their Alaska winter car hires on a Friday night – they bolstered state pride.

Stories and photos have been shared, signed jerseys worn with pride and nostalgia, and a small tingle of hope lingers on that this isn’t really the end – just a little road bump. Only time will tell.

For now, we honor the 15 year long history of the Alaska Aces. We thank this team for bringing Alaskan pride throughout the Southern 49 and to our own community.

Don’t miss the final games of this great team. Reserve your Alaska winter car hires from Avis today.

Potential Changes in the Dipnetting Agenda 2017

Alaska is known for its fishing industry. It’s a state pastime to head out onto the Kenai to fill the freezer with red salmon and maybe even keep a few for dinner that night. After all, there’s nothing better than fresh caught fish for dinner. And we just love hearing the stories our Alaska SUV rentals clients have about fishing in Alaska’s numerous rivers.

This year, however, there may be some changes to the dipnetting regulations around the Kenai. Before you panic – don’t worry, this practice will still be enjoyed and encouraged around the river. But regulations may shift to prevent 24-hour fishing and boat use, among other things. What are these regulations? And how will they affect you and your Alaska SUV rentals? Let’s find out.

Extended season

Let’s begin with the good stuff. When the proposal goes before Alaska’s Board of Fisheries, with it will be presented a proposal to extend the dipnetting season until August. Currently the season is from June until July. The extra month may benefit those who are also spending the summer hunting or fishing in other regions.

This proposal stems from a concern from dipnetters who claimed that last season, runs weren’t as strong as they’d like. Because of this, they believe that an extension of the season would help both their own need for fish to last the winter and to help manage fish population.

Increased bag limit

Present regulations allow fishers to bag 25 salmon and 10 flounder per household in the Upper Cook Inlet personal use fishers: Kenai dipnetting, Fish Creek dipnetting, Kasilof dipnetting, and Kasilof set gillnetting. The increases by 10 salmon for every additional household member. However, if the proposals are passed, the household bagging limit for salmon would increase by 10 fish. Now you really will be able to fill up your Alaska SUV rentals!

Use of boats and motors

There are several proposals that may ban or restrict the use of boats when fishing on the river. One proposal would entirely eliminate boat use on the river, while another focuses purely on the use of motors on the Kasilof River. The latter would allow boats with motors that do not exceed 10 horsepower.

Extension of territory

The Kenai River Sportfishing Association is looking to extend dipnet boat fishing boundaries. This proposal would see the boundaries move upstream towards Cunningham Park at river mile 6.6.

Elimination of the 24-hour emergency order

Regular fishing hours on the Kenai are the same daily, regardless of tides, and are from 6am until 11pm. But, these times may change in the instance of an emergency order for 24-hour opening. These orders follow the “Kenai River Late-Run Sockeye Salmon Management Plan” as outlined by the Board of Fisheries.

However, the City of Kenai has put forth a proposal that would eliminate the use of these emergencies orders due to safety risks to fishers. Their reasons rest in the difficulty of ensuring safety during the hours when heavy machinery are cleaning the beach.While fishers may not like this new elimination, it certainly makes sense in the overall consideration of civilian safety.

Shore-based dipnetting

Finally, a proposal has been put forth to allow landowners to fish from the shore. This would affect mainly those property owners who have property directly on the Kenai River. And their friends of course!

Mainly, these proposals shouldn’t too heavily affect our Alaska SUV rentals clients – except perhaps for the better. We are personally hoping for an increase in the bagging limit and extension of territory!

This is by no means a comprehensive outline of the nearly 200 proposals that will be put forth in the 14-day long public meeting. The meeting is currently in action, having begun on February 23 and will run until March 8. Only time will tell which of these proposals will be put into action.

In the meantime, start thinking now about your own fishing trip. It’s never too early to start planning! Reserve your Avis Alaska SUV rentals early to make sure you get the vehicle you want.