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As Fairbanks is located just 188 miles south of the Arctic Circle, it offers tourists the opportunity to enjoy very long summer days where the sun doesn’t set at all throughout the time of Summer Solstice. By comparison, the winter months in Fairbanks see only a few hours of daylight

Fairbanks Weather

The city has some of the most extreme temperatures in the world throughout the year. No matter what season you decide to travel, Fairbanks offers a unique experience for all.

Summer temperatures can range as high as 90 degrees, while winter temperatures can reach as low as 66 degrees below zero! Due to the sub-arctic climate in the winter, rental cars are equipped with block heaters and extension cords for plugging in overnight. This ensures proper starting in the morning.

Attractions in Fairbanks

Travel in the summer continually attracts people to outdoor activities, especially excursions like gold panning in the El Dorado Gold Mine, or riverboat tours along the Chena and Tanana Rivers.

Winter venues are equally popular. Dog sledding, ice carving, college sports, and the North Pole Santa Clause House are annual attractions.

For the traveler in search of something to do in both seasons, Chena Hot Springs, a natural phenomenon, is only 56 miles out of town.

The famous Aurora Ice Museum is also an attraction worth seeing. This is a man-made structure made entirely of ice. Formerly known as the Ice Hotel, the museum was first built and operated as a hotel (in January 2004). It was the first hotel of its kind in the United States, and one of only a few globally.

Other services and accessible activities include snowmobiling, dog mushing, and hiking.

The Call of the Mountain

Alaska’s grandest mountain continues to call mountaineers of all ages to its foot for a day or more of nature recreation. Denali is a short 2.5 hour drive from Fairbanks to Denali National Park.

The park is a popular hotspot for tourists from around the globe and easy accessible with one of our Avis rental vehicles.

Discovering Fairbanks by Avis Rental Car

Avis offers convenient one-way car rentals to and from Fairbanks to allow you to capture the best of the region during your vacation. The Alaska highway offers easy access to and from the city so that you can make the most of your trip between interconnecting cities.

Alternatively, you can arrive and depart via the Fairbanks International Airport. Our Avis car rental sales counter is conveniently located directly at the airport terminal. You can pick up your vehicle upon arrival and be on your way within the hour to minimize unnecessary delays and waiting times.