Must See Hot Springs in Your Alaska Car Rentals

Hot springs are a thing of beauty. They’re nature’s gift to humans to encourage relaxation and serenity. Alaska is rich with hot springs for you to enjoy if you know where to find them. Rather than wait to come across one in your Alaska car rental, do your research in advance. Or, let Avis Alaska do the research for you. Here are a few hot springs that Avis has found for you to visit. So hop into your Alaska car rental for one of the most fun and relaxing days of your vacation.

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Alaska’s Top 5 Campgrounds

Summer is almost here, and camping season will soon begin. Though you may not have started thinking about where you’ll camp this summer, if you want to get the best campgrounds you’ll want to book early. If you know your travel dates, start planning now. Alaska is a gorgeous state to camp in and has plenty of incredible campgrounds. Once there you can park your Alaska car rentals and get out to explore nature.

To save you time, Avis Alaska car rentals did the research on campgrounds for you. These are the best of the campgrounds we’ve discovered in our searching.

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2015 Summer Festivals in Alaska to Watch Out For

One of the best parts of summer is the free and fun socializing. Once the warmer weather hits, everyone begins to come out of their hibernation and hit the streets with fresh vivacity. Of course, there are always festivals to draw even more people out of their hiding and onto the roads in their Alaska car rental.

Alaska has plenty of festivals and events to draw residents and guests out of protection from the rigid winter months. If you’re visiting, you’ll find a lively culture with people out and about to enjoy the warmth while it lasts. There are plenty of places to bring your Alaska car rental to, and no end to the people you’ll meet. So get out, embrace the sun, and enjoy the festivals that Alaska has to offer.

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