New Ways to Discover Alaska

Alaska is a state with endless possibilities. Its landscape is vast and widely uninhibited by human civilization. Its culture is unique and intriguing. And, best of all, its opportunities for discovery are boundless. While we often favor using Alaska SUV rentals to explore the state, we also know that there are countless other ways to uncover the great secrets of this land. We’d like to share them with our Alaska SUV rentals clients now.

Below you will find different ways to discover Alaska. These will show you uninhibited glimpses into the wildlife and natural world of the state and are guaranteed to astonish you. Whether you want to find a free new route or are willing to pay for a tour, there’s a little something for everyone. All we ask in return is that you embrace the landscape with your eyes wide open.

While there are the usual ways to explore the state – kayaking, hiking, boat tours, etc. – we wanted to offer a few that you may not have thought of. The Majestic Alaska Tour and a road trip on the Seward Highway show other sides of Alaska, or in the case of the tour offer a comprehensive Alaskan experience.

Majestic Alaska Tour

The Majestic Alaska Tour begins in 2017, but if you opt for this route, you’ll want to book now. Early payment is required, and they only accept bookings up until January – assuming there are still spots available by then. The tour spans 8 days and shows you nearly every aspect of Alaskan culture and landscape. However, we will warn that it is certainly not for those looking to see Alaska on a budget. This tour is $2498 per person during its cheapest season, and goes up to $2696 per person in peak months. Optional experiences are also available, but it’ll cost extra.

Yet, you’re not paying that price for nothing. This trip will take you from Fairbanks to Denali National Park, over the Alaska railroad to Anchorage and down to the Kenai Fjords National Park before arriving in Seward. Final destination in Anchorage, as it is the most convenient travel hub.

This trip will include many of your meals and hotels, but it will also offer you a chance to explore the state with some guidance. You can miss a lot of important history when simply driving through in your Alaska SUV rentals. This tour will teach you of the indigenous peoples of the state and their cultural heritage. It will let you taste the local flavors of each city, and glimpse the wildlife native to that land, and many other unforgettable opportunities.

If you’re unwilling to spend the money, however, our Alaska SUV rentals agents would be happy to offer you a list of must-see spots and restaurants where you can gain a similar experience. Much of Alaska’s beauty is outlined on this blog already.

Take your Alaska SUV rentals down Seward Highway

As we mentioned, we tend toward the ways we can discover Alaska in our car rentals. The Seward Highway is one such way to uncap the mysteries of this state while enjoying a drive.

This road stretches from Anchorage to Resurrection Bay in Seward at mile 0, and traverses through numerous villages, towns, and passes on the way. Because of the adverse weather in the winter, we’d advise driving this 127-mile road in the summer. While it is entirely possible to take this trip in a single day, why not make a weekend of it? Explore the finer details and quirky sights of Alaska.

The Seward Highway will give you the benefit of seeing all of the wildlife that Alaska has to offer, as well as mountains and foothills, oceans and cliffs, icebergs and ice fields, rivers and green fields. You’ll find beavers, belugas, waterfowl, sea lions, moose, black bears, marmots, and many other creatures. Along the way are great spots for fishing including what is known as the fisherman’s paradise at Bird Creek.

We could go on about the incredible and awe-inspiring diversity on this route, but it could take an entire novel. You’ll just have to see for yourself.

Explore Alaska this fall with the help of Avis Alaska SUV rentals. Reserve your vehicle today to make sure you don’t miss out on discovering this great state.