Here comes the bride-in a BMW!  For the urban style bride what would be more perfect than a Toyota Prius and for the outdoor adventurous bride we’ve got a fleet of SUVs’, suburbans and trucks.   We love being a part of your special day and our cars do too. 


Avis Alaska will work with you to insure each of your guests have exactly what they need.  Uncle Ned wants a sun roof, no problem our Mini-Coopers have two!  Aunt Liz wants a super comfortable full size car to drive her friends around, how about a Buick Lacrosse or a Toyota Avalon.   Grandpa wants a truck with a canopy, yes, what color does he want?  Your mother in law insists on being kept in the style she’s accustomed to?  We’ve got you covered, car wise. 


Spending your day meeting new people, networking and learning is great.  But, at the end of the day, the real fun begins when you get to explore Alaska.  Convention rates are available before, during and after the convention.  


Media/ Productions

Avis has the largest and most diverse fleet in Alaska.  We supply cars for all size projects from the smallest documentary to large blockbuster and work closely with production companies to meet deadlines and bottom lines.   While we can’t guarantee your production will win an award, we can promise you award winning service.

Avis Alaska has the vehicles, staff and experience to take care of any rental needs you have throughout the State.  We look forward to serving you!

 Contact our sales office at: 907-249-8274 or send us an email