Take a Nature Tour of Alaska

Every year, travelers from all across North America – and even parts of the globe – journey to Alaska to see the spectacular natural wonders. The vistas of the state are renowned for their incredible beauty, which, at times, is seemingly untouched by the human world for miles beyond the extent of human vision. In fact, you really can drive your Alaska car rentals for miles upon miles without seeing another human soul.

It’s no secret, then, that Alaska’s natural landscapes are bursting and blooming with a unique array of plant and animal species. Alaska offers insight into the varied wonders that are in the natural world that you can only fully experience with travel. Of course, knowledge of what you’re witnessing is also important. Below, we’ve outlined some of Alaska’s plants that can be spotted as you drive around in your Alaska car rentals.

Before reading on, please be advised that the state of Alaska does not condone picking wild flowers – particularly not our lovely state flower, the forget-me-not. Please leave these in their natural habitat. If you’d like to add fragrance to your Alaska car rentals, pick up flowers at the nearest garden center.


These gorgeous little blue blossoms have been recognized as Alaska’s state flower, and once you see them you’ll understand why. Forget-me-nots grow best in alpine meadows in clusters. They are blue with white and yellow centers. If you can, take a tour of a forget-me-not patch after dusk – these flowers present their alluring scent most after dark.

Pond Lily

Alaskan pond lilies can be found in both alpine valleys – possibly alongside forget-me-nots – and in meadows at sea level. Pond lilies are blue with 5 lobe-like petals and a blue hood shrouding the flower.

False Hellebore

While it’s great to know which flowers are the most beautiful and likely to enhance your nature tour, it’s also extremely important to know which flowers and plants to avoid. The false hellebore is one such plant that may be nice to view at a distance, but from which you’ll want to keep your distance. With 6 green petals that take the shape of either a bell or star, depending on the flower, this little herb looks similar to a young corn stalk.

Western Columbine

The western columbine is a unique flower with red, orange, and yellow petals. You can see these flowers from around April until August, with the blooming period taking place from around June until July. The plant can stretch up to 30” high, extending to gorgeous and slim proportions. Hummingbirds are likely to be around these flowers, as well as the Sphinx moth, both of which love the pollen of the western columbine.


A combination of one of Alaska’s favorite fish and a lovely petite flower, the salmonberry is a popular plan across the state. Salmonberries are delicious little morsels of fruit that offer up a sweet-tart flavor. They resemble salmon roe (hence the name!), with a pinky-salmon colored flesh on long leaves and stems. If you do happen to come across these delightful little berries, certainly pick some to experience the taste. You may even want to pack some into a jar or container to take as a snack in your Alaska car rentals nature tour. While you’re out, look for the Alaska blueberry, trailing raspberry, or thimbleberry to complete your snack!

This is just a small taste of the wide variety of splendidly singular berries and plants that roam free across Alaska. Others include the bunchberry, the nagoonberry, swamp gentian, whorled lousewort, starry cassiope, dwarf fireweed, monkey flower, white bog-orchid, bog rosemary, single delight, pretty shooting star, and northern grass-of-parnassus. Others include the deerberry, Unalaska paintbrush, clasping twisted-stalk, beach pea, common butterwort, the bluebells of Scotland, and Jeffrey’s shooting star. And this is only a small selection of a vast array of blossoms.

Enjoy Alaska’s natural beauties. Reserve your Alaska car rentals from Avis today.