SUV vs. Sedan: Which is Best for Winter?

The number one question that drivers ask themselves over the winter season is whether or not to go with an SUV or sedan. The Alaskan winter is rough on drivers. The roads are slick, and vision is reduced by snow and sleet. What you need to get through it is the right car, but how do you know which winter Alaska car rental is right for you?

Furthermore, is AWD/4WD necessarily better than 2WD car? The Avis fleet has it all. What winter Alaska car rental should you get?

AWD vs. 2WD

One of the benefits of AWD and 4WD is an added sense of security and safety. AWD/4WD provide better traction control and quicker acceleration. In the winter months, these are major added benefits that can’t be ignored in the tough inclement weather. You’ll still need to leave plenty of space behind vehicles to stop, but you’re less likely to slide on the slick roads. 2WD doesn’t offer the same traction that 4WD/AWD do.

Improved traction means increased towing capacity. If you’re planning on taking trips around the states for winter sports, improved towing is a definite benefit.

However, the downside of 4WD/AWD is its heaviness, and therefore decreased fuel efficiency. This is only worsened in tough weather. You’ll be spending more money on fuel than you would with 2WD. On top of this, the added sense of security can cause collisions. When you feel too safe you may not leave enough space while stopping, or take risky moves that can end in an accident.

That being said, we would recommend the AWD/4WD option for your winter Alaska car rental. Keep in mind the continued danger of winter driving, and you’ll avoid the risk that comes with overconfidence.

SUV or Sedan?

While choosing between an SUV or sedan, there are a number of factors to consider. If you’re planning on engaging in winter sports around Alaska, then you’ll probably want to go with the larger vehicle for the cargo space. Otherwise, you may be better off with a midsized vehicle.

SUVs will keep you safe in collisions, but the added weight increases your stopping time. Even with a AWD and 4WD winter Alaska car rental that has improved traction, you’ll want to leave more space behind vehicles, know your route in advance to avoid surprises, and reduce your speed.

The weight of SUVs reduces fuel efficiency, as well. With a 4WD/AWD SUV, your fuel costs are going to be quite expensive. With small cargo and only two passengers, you may be better off with a sedan to prevent exorbitant costs.

If you’re traveling with children, keep an SUV as an option to ensure their safety. Sedans won’t protect them in a collision to the same degree. Crossovers may also be a smart choice to increase the comfort of you and your family.

So which is the right choice?

Again, the answer to this question depends on what it is you’re looking for in a vehicle. While an AWD SUV winter Alaska car rental is safer, you’ll be paying for the reduced fuel economy and need to watch longer stop times.

Sedans or midsized are right for adult passengers who do not have large cargo to haul. Our sedans are large enough to fit basic gear for a variety of winter sports in the trunk as well as any luggage you may have. They’re comfortable, and will give you the flexibility you need for traveling the state.

Stay safe this winter with the right winter Alaska car rental. Reserve your vehicle from Avis today to begin on your safe, secure, and fun winter adventure.