Take Your Alaska Winter Rental Car Ice Climbing

Our favorite season is finally here and it’s time to enjoy some of our favorite sports. That means that ice climbing is back in Alaska. Take your Alaska winter rental car out for a spin to go ice climbing. You’ll want one of our SUVs or trucks to carry all the equipment you’ll need for ice climbing around the state.

If you’re new to Alaska or to ice climbing, we’ll outline the ins and outs of ice climbing for you. It can be a dangerous activity if you don’t know what you’re doing. We’d recommend getting a guide before starting, and making sure that you have or rent the proper safety equipment in your Alaska winter rental car.

Equipment list for ice climbing

As we said, you’ll need the proper equipment for ice climbing to make sure you stay safe and warm. The clothing list is long, but it’s to make sure you stay toasty warm in the cold Alaskan winter.

  • Wool underwear, and long underwear tops and pants
  • Wool socks, and a replacement pair
  • Quick-drying t-shirt and lightweight fleece shirt
  • Softshell and shell pants and jackets
  • Insulated coat for negative temperatures with a helmet-compatible hood
  • Lightweight and mediumweight gloves
  • Heavyweight waterproof gloves and hat
  • Balaclava for wind protection
  • Ski goggles
  • Waterproof, insulated, full-shank mountaineering boots and gaiters

For mountain and ice climbing, you’ll need a wide variety of equipment for rent or buying. We’d advise you rent the equipment for your first few times to make sure you like ice climbing before spending the money.

  • Ice Axe, 50-65 cm
  • Climbing helmet
  • Climbing harness
  • Crampons
  • Carabiners, 2 locking and 1-non-locking
  • Climbing pack
  • 48” sewn sling rappel extension
  • Belay Device
  • Spinner leashes
  • Trekking poles with snow baskets
  • Technical ice tools

As you can see, our SUV Alaska winter rental car are probably your best choice. In your pack, you’ll also want to bring a headlamp in case of dark. You’ll be in the direct glare of the sun on the mountain, so bring SPF 30 or higher sun block, sun or glacier glasses, and SPF 15 lip balm. Pack yourself water bottles, high-energy foods, and biodegradable toilet paper. Finally, bring along a first aid kit in case of emergency. Your kit should include moleskin, aspirin, antacids, bandages, any proscriptions you may have, antibacterial cleaning wipes, and ibuprofen.

Check weather conditions

As with any outdoor sport, you need to check the conditions before setting out in your Alaska winter rental car. Knowing the ice conditions will help you decide where to climb. You’ll also want to check temperatures to bring the appropriate clothing, and to make sure the ice will be sturdy enough.

The Alaska Ice Climbing Conditions Forum will help you plan your trip. Here, other ice climbers write reviews of nearby climbing regions. Most recent reviews explore the regions that can be climbed and where to avoid.

There are more than hundred climbs across the state. With your Alaska winter rental car you have the freedom to drive to any of the mountains with all of your equipment, and find one with guides or group climbs. Go to the online index of climbs to choose the mountain nearest you.

You’ll need a car with plenty of cargo, so choose one of our SUVs, like our Toyota Rav 4 or Ford Expedition. Begin the greatest hiking trip of your life when you reserve your Alaska winter rental car from Avis today