Reserve your Juneau Alaska Car Rental to Explore the Capital this Summer

Alaskan cities pack a big wallop. They may not be as glitzy and glamorous as the Lower 48, but they offer their own unique attractions and style. If you’re just visiting in your Juneau Alaska car rental, then you’re almost definitely familiar with Anchorage. But how much do you know about Juneau?

Juneau is a classic Alaska mix: history, outdoor adventure, beautiful surroundings, and an interesting cultural community. If you’ve never been to our state’s capital, we certainly recommend it. Tourism is still bursting in Juneau, despite its inaccessibility by road. But more than a million people arrive on its shores during the late spring and summer months, and trust us – they’re not mistaken. The sad fact is that many tourists are ready to see the capital, but many more Alaskans simply can’t be bothered to go, claiming costs of airfare or boat fees as the main reason.

It’s time to change that! Here’s just a bit of information about this great city.

Entertaining the kids

Of course, your experience of Juneau is going to be different depending on whom you’re traveling with. Is your Juneau Alaska car rental filled with rug rats or friends? If it’s rug rats, check out the kid-friendly Juneau Douglas City Museum. You’ll have the chance to learn about the intriguing history of Juneau, while your children explore the hands-on aspects of the museum and look at the more visually thrilling parts of the exhibit.

Travel the tramway

The Goldbelt Mount Roberts Tramway opened in 1996, and to this day remains the only aerial tramway in southeast Alaska. This incredible experience will open up unbelievably gorgeous views across the region. Rising from the docks in downtown Juneau, you’ll be taken up a steep ride over the rainforest and into the mountains. If you’re scared of heights, though, you may be a little off-put – the tramway is one of the most vertical in the world.

The price may seem as steep as the climb, but trust us when we say it’s worth it. Kids aged 6-12 ride for $16 for a full day pass and adults ride for $33 for the full day. Kids below 6 ride for free. You can purchase tickets at the Tramway Station at 490 S Franklin St. or, if you’re coming in a cruise, at your ship’s Shore Excursion department.

Once you’ve taken the tramway up, you still have plenty of things to see. Don’t just head back down to your Juneau Alaska car rentals! Take a hike through trees reaching 200 feet in the air to the sub-alpine meadow. Make sure to pack a snack! Or maybe you want something a little more substantial? In that case, head to Timberline Atop Mount Roberts for an unforgettable dining experience to enjoy the view.

We could go on. There’s so much more to do, including the Nature Center, the Raven Eagle Gifts & Gallery, and Chilkat Theater as well as the other natural wonders atop Mount Roberts.

Food in Juneau

Let’s be honest – Alaska is a state known for seafood and fresh game. We embrace that fact. And the chefs in Juneau definitely know how to make a mean meal. You’ll want to explore the culinary community of the city to make the most of the fresh products. You may never want to leave! But we can tell you one thing – driving your Juneau Alaska car rentals on day trips and to explore is a lot cozier with a belly full of fresh-off-the-shore fish.

Getting there

Getting to Alaska’s “big city” won’t allow for a straight shot down a highway. But that doesn’t mean that getting there is overly difficult, either. All charter, regional, and major airlines service Juneau International Airport and if you’ve got airline miles, it shouldn’t use too many to get from Anchorage to Juneau.

Not a fan of a fly-by over the state? Take the Alaska Marine Highway ferry system. This is great to take either car-free or in your Juneau Alaska car rentals after traversing the Alaskan-Canadian Highway for an amazing driving experience.

Juneau has so much more to offer than what we can explore here. Whale-watching, hiking trails, aerial glacial sightseeing – Juneau is simply a place for relaxing, amazing experience. Don’t hesitate – book your Juneau Alaska car rentals from Avis today.