How to Stay Safe in your Alaska Spring Car Rentals During Fire Season

Spring is a beautiful time in Alaska. The snow and ice begin to melt, and the blossoms open up to offer a breathtaking backdrop to the myriad outdoor adventures this state offers. It’s a time when you can drive your Alaska spring car rentals around the state to explore the landscape, without worry of severe storm.

Or is it? Unfortunately, spring also means that fire season is nearly upon us. You may have caught news already of fires sparking up across the state. And while authorities are claiming that fire season this year won’t be as bad as the last, it’s still something about which you should have knowledge and protection.

You may think that staying safe in fire season is controlled by chance. However, there are some things you can do to make sure you stay safe in your Alaska spring car rentals road trips and daytime explorations.

What is fire season?

Fire season comes about in heavily wooded regions that are experiencing dry conditions. They can be the effects of natural causes, or consequences of irresponsible hikers and woodsmen. It often occurs around spring and summer, when the weather is driest.

In places like Alaska, where fire season can be quite devastating, crews and authorities are on call in case of fire. They have strategies and backup plans to prevent the fire from spreading as much as is possible. Unfortunately, wildfires are just that – wild and often difficult to deal with. That’s why we need every day people doing all they can to prevent the possibility of fire.

Always put your fire out

This may seem like common knowledge, but there’s no harm in a reminder. If you’re camping in Alaska, make sure to always put out your fire before bed or before leaving. Even a few embers can be enough to start a fire in the right circumstances.

A great way to ensure your fire remains under control is by keeping it small. Avoid the desire to use the “cheat method” with fuel if you’re an amateur camper. Always use fire starters instead, and keep your fire manageable. When you put water on the embers to snuff it, mix up the ashes with water using a stick or poker, and continue to pour more water on and mix until you’re sure the ashes are all doused.

Similarly, avoid smoking in the forests. Cigarette butts thrown into dry twigs or forest brush will ignite. If you must smoke, why not bring an ashtray in your Alaska spring car rentals? While we don’t want smoking in the vehicle, ashtrays will let you snub out the cigarette completely before disposing of the butt.

Camp smart: Pack your Alaska spring car rentals properly

Before setting off on your big camping adventure, make sure to check the restrictions, rules, and permits around fire usage in the area. Much of this information can be found online, but of course, a quick conversation with local officials can also be helpful.

Choose your site carefully. Campsites that are sheltered from the wind are ideal, as this will prevent embers and sparks from being picked up and carried. You’ll also want something close to a water source. Whether that’s a river, lake, or serviced campsite is up to you! Finally, bare dirt and rock flooring on the site is best. It may not be the most comfortable, but it’s better than flammable grass.

Once you’ve arrived to your site, make sure your site is properly prepared for fire. Clear away any brush, twigs, pine needles, leaves, and other dry flammables from the site. If you want to save time doing this, pack a broom in your Alaska spring car rentals. Have a bucket of water nearby at all times to put out fires that get out of hand.

If you’re a local of Alaska, you may already have an idea of how to behave during a wildfire. Just in case, this is a good source for a brush up on information.

Fire season doesn’t need to be dangerous for you. Be smart, plan well, and pack your Alaska spring car rentals with the proper equipment to stay safe.

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