Celebrate 4th of July in Your Anchorage Car Rental

The 4th of July is finally upon us, and here at Avis we’re so excited. This year marks the 240th anniversary since we gained Independence in the Revolutionary War, and we think that’s worth a special celebration. You’re bound to see celebrations sand events as you drive through the city in your Anchorage car rental. With all of that hype and mayhem, it’s easy to be overwhelmed. Don’t worry – we can help direct you. All you need to do is go “fourth” and prosper – eat, laugh, and be merry.

Start the day off properly

What’s a more American breakfast than pancakes? Start your day off with some good eats at the pancake breakfast. For $5 (all of which goes to the Polynesian Association of Alaska), you’ll be able to pack up nourishment for the rest of the day. You can find the breakfast on the Delaney Park Strip between W 9th Avenue and W 10th. Breakfast starts at 8:00 a.m.

Conveniently, the pancake breakfast is located right where the parade will begin at G St. and W 9th. You won’t need to scramble to find a new parking spot for your Anchorage car rental just to watch the parade. What a relief!

The traditional parade

What’s a July 4th celebration without a parade? The Community and Veterans Parade begins at 11:00 a.m. You’ll see a variety of local organizations and groups that will bring you Independence Day pride. The parade route isn’t excessive, which allows you to bring your kids with the parade without having to wait too long for the procession to pass. After all, kids may love parades but they certainly don’t do well with a long wait time.

Festival and games

You won’t need to move your Anchorage car rentals just yet! Festivities continue in the Delaney Park Strip following the parade. Beginning at noon and running until 6 p.m. the park offers a range of games and vendors to peruse. With live bands and music throughout the day, this is an event for all of the senses.

Food vendors dot the park so you will never go hungry. There are enough vendors to keep you satisfied, but if you’re looking for a good sit down meal there are plenty of restaurants in the surrounding area. However, you won’t have to do to get good Alaskan seafood and other classic delights.

Special events

The festival runs a few special events before it closes at 6:00 p.m. and the fireworks begin.

One that may be of interest is the Declaration of Independence reading. An annual event put on by the Harvard Club, the reading this year takes place at 1:00 p.m. at the Veterans Memorial Flag Pole. If your kids have never heard the Declaration in full, this is a great place to hear it for the first time. It will enhance their pride, and reinstate yours to the fullest. Not only that, but you’ll feel transported back in time. It’s always interesting to hear the original document that sparked the formation of our great democracy, but the Harvard Club makes it even more fun and authentic. They dress in period costumes that look like they’ve been taken straight from Revolutionary America.

Finish the day off in a proper American style – with doubleheader baseball games. The Alaska Baseball League runs this doubleheader every year, and it never disappoints. The first game begins at 7 p.m., so you’ll get an hour break between the festival and the game to grab food or settle into your seats. This year it’s the Anchorage Glacier Pilots versus the Anchorage Bucs – a nail-biter! For those who don’t know, these teams are Anchorage’s rivals. You’ll feel the palpable tension and excitement from your Anchorage car rental.

The day is finished with fireworks that ignite just as the second game of the evening comes to a close. What a perfect way to end the day.

We’re proud to be Alaskan, and American. Be part of our proud community when you reserve your Anchorage car rental from Avis this July 4th weekend.