Best Places to Get Hot Dogs this July 4th Weekend

This July 4th weekend marks 240 years since the United States of America won its Independence from Great Britain. How are you going to celebrate it? All of us here at Avis Alaska car rentals will definitely be enjoying a few of America’s classic culinary delights, including, of course, the hot dog.

If you’re looking for a truly stellar hot dog this holiday weekend, look no further than Anchorage. There are some delicious franks across this city that will make you proud to be an American. Of course, you’ll definitely spot the Alaskan classic reindeer dogs. These dogs are exactly as they sound – hot dogs made with the famous northern animal. And they are beyond good! Don’t knock it ‘til you try it!

Johnny Chicago’s, Midtown Anchorage

Johnny Chicago’s is known for its incredible Chicago Dog and pizzas. Here you can get two American favorites while joining a tradition of tourists and locals alike being transported to Chicago, IL with their delightful dogs and deep dishes. Furthermore, these dogs are known for being amazingly unique and special in Alaska. Definitely not something to miss!

Pair it with one of their classic Italian Ices for a complete meal.

Orso, Downtown Anchorage

If you’re looking for an Alaskan twist on the American classic, then take your Alaska car rentals down to Orso. Here you’ll find their King Crab Corn Dogs served with a mustard crème fraiche. This dish is absolutely delicious. You get the added benefit of having a slightly healthier meal than the traditional corn dog.

Gwennie’s Old Alaska Restaurant, Spenard, Anchorage

Gwennie’s is a classic. If you’re looking for a full meal while the kids are whining for Indepedence Day hot dogs, then we’d highly recommend going to Gwennie’s to enjoy their range of breakfast, lunch, and dinner items. If you’re looking for a scrumptious seafood meal then this is definitely the place to go. With dishes like crab benedict, halibut chunk, shrimp OR clam cocktail, shrimp Louis, the Fisherman’s platter and many more, you won’t be disappointed with their fresh from the deep menu.

Sticking strictly to dogs for those little rug rats, their mini corn dogs and fries or pigs in a blanket will satisfy any kid’s craving. You’ll even want to steal a couple while they’re not looking! In general, Gwennie’s is a great place to park the Alaska car rentals to indulge in a few plates of tasty comfort food.

Hot Dog on a Stick, Anchorage 5th Avenue Mall

Who doesn’t love Hot Dog on a Stick? In business since 1946, these corn dog creators must be doing something right. Their corn dogs are made fresh with every order, so you never have to worry about soggy, hours old dogs.

Finish the meal off with one of their renowned lemonades and you’ll feel like you’ve been spoiled. Their lemonades are always fresh, and are offered in a variety of flavors including limeade, cherry, and lite.

Hot Dog on a Stick will be open on July 4th, but if you want a dog you’ll want to plan your trip well. The mall is only open from 10 am until 6 pm that day – so you won’t get any post fireworks corn dogs unless you buy them in advance!

International House of Hot Dogs

Of course, we couldn’t forget to suggest an Anchorage favorite – the International House of Hot Dogs. While it may look like an unassuming food truck from the front, don’t be fooled. This little hot dog stand packs a mighty punch, and offers an unbelievable selection of dogs that are always cooked to perfection. The dogs are known for being affordable without sacrificing the top-quality dogs that they are sure to deliver.

Here you’ll find classic reindeer dogs with a modern twist. This is the perfect place to try reindeer dogs for the first time, as this truck makes every type of dog taste spectacular. The employees will even bring your dogs straight out to your Alaska car rentals.

In a city that isn’t known for its culinary prowess, International House of Hot Dogs puts Anchorage on the map.

Make this July 4the weekend the best one ever. Reserve your Alaska car rentals from Avis to help you navigate the state in style and comfort.