Winter Is Coming! Tips for Alaska Winter SUV Rentals

Winter is nearly upon us. In Alaska winter means lots of snow, ice, and, unfortunately, vehicle collisions. However, you can reduce your risk of collision by following safe driving habits in your Alaska winter SUV rentals. We’ve outlined some tips below for you to enjoy winter without harm.

Know where you’re going

In the winter, it’s more important than ever to know your route in advance. When the roads are icy, it is incredibly dangerous to have to stop or turn at the drop of a hat. Map your route. Know alternative routes, just in case of diversion.

Of course, you don’t need to memorize your route. You can still use a GPS, but having a rough idea of where you have to turn and go will help reduce the need for last minute moves.

Take time to brake

Most people know this already, but a reminder never hurts! Take time to brake. This goes back to knowing your route and paying attention to what’s around you. Brake slowly and firmly. It is dangerous to you and the vehicles around you to stop your Alaska winter SUV rentals at the last minute.

In reality, it’s best to avoid braking whenever possible. Brake only when necessary to reduce chances of collision.

Increase your following distance

Generally following distances are at around 3-4 seconds. However, in the winter with ice, snow, and other distractions it’s smart to increase this to 8-10 seconds. This also allows you time to stop if someone in front of you is forced to hit the brakes.

Always, always, always signal

It is important to communicate with other drivers when you’re on icy roads. Always, always, always use your turn signal. This includes both turning and switching lanes. It’s important to warn other drivers to your intentions. After all, you don’t know if the driver behind you may be planning on switching lanes behind you as well without signals. Be responsible, and take the steps you can to avoid collision. You can’t control the actions of other drivers, but you can make sure you are free of blame and in control of your own Alaska winter SUV rentals.

Don’t speed on hills

You may find yourself in a mountainous area of Alaska. If this is the case that’s okay! But make sure you’re overtaking the hills properly on snowy roads.

First thing is not to speed up them. Take them slow and steady. You don’t know what’s coming from the other side, and you don’t want to lose control on an incline.

Second, make sure to keep going. Don’t brake or slow down. Maintain a steady pace up the hill. The ice will reduce your traction and make sliding backwards a real possibility.

Of course, this is the same for going down hills. You want to make sure to maintain a steady pace, rather than just letting your car doing the work as you may do in the warmer months. Always try your best to be in control of your speed.

Know your speed

It’s okay to drive a little slower in the winter. Of course, you want to go with the flow of the traffic and most Alaska drivers will practice appropriate winter speeds. But if not, it’s okay to slow down and take it at a pace at which you feel comfortable.

Similarly, accelerate and decelerate with care. Slamming on the gas can be just as dangerous as slamming the brake. Slow, steady acceleration and deceleration is the key.

Finally, the best way to stay safe is with reliable, efficient Alaska winter SUV rentals. Avis can help you out with that! Reserve your Alaska winter SUV rentals today.