Winter Activities Worth Parking the Alaska Car Rentals For

Winter is just around the corner in Alaska and it’s time to be prepared! In fact, for some cities, winter seems to have come early. In Fairbanks on September 25, record snowfalls introduced the beginning of the cold season with flair. And while driving in Alaska in the winter doesn’t have to be dangerous if you know the proper tips, sometimes it’s best just to park the Alaska car rentals and get out into the great outdoors.

It’s clear that there’s no end to activities in Alaska. Winter activities are boundless in the state that is well known for its snow and ice. It’s not all physical activities either. Sometimes the most enjoyable part of winter in Alaska is sitting down with a cup of cocoa to enjoy the Northern lights. But we’ll let you decide for yourself.

The Northern Lights

The auroral oval, or more commonly known as the Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis offer a spectacular natural display of lights in the night sky. Flickering with green, this majestic, breathtaking natural wonder will leave you wondering if you’ll ever be able to look at other lights the same.

If you’re staying in a hotel, find out if it offers Northern Lights wake up calls. Many hotels in Alaska do, knowing that their guests may never have seen the wondrous midnight miracle before. If your hotel does offer this, we highly recommend asking for a call.

Park the Alaska car rentals, try dog meshing

One of the best ways to experience the natural landscape of Alaska and especially the Northern Lights is through a dog mushing tour. Dog mushing is an iconic Northern activity. The image of a dog sled in the snow is often linked to Alaska, so why not park the Alaska car rentals for a few hours and try your hand at this classic mode of travel.

Dog mushing trips can last as long as a few days, or be as short as a single hour. Any trip longer than a few hours is not recommended for those who are not comfortable with the outdoors or who are not prepared for cold weather.

To really experience dog mushing, you definitely don’t want to miss out on the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race which runs for more 1049 miles across the state of Alaska. Dog mush teams from all across Alaska race through the freezing cold. However, if you’re visiting this year, then you’ve already missed the race. Unfortunately it doesn’t begin until March 5, 2016.

Exploring Alaska on a snowmobile

If you’re interested in more motorized sports than the classic dog mushing, then snowmobiling is going to be the option you want. There are plenty of snowmobile rentals around Alaska, so the vehicles aren’t tough to come by.

If you’ve never driven a snowmobile before, fear not. It isn’t like driving your Alaska car rentals – you don’t need a license and it’s much easier to learn quickly. Before you know it you’ll be in love with these powerful winter vehicles. 

Nordic and Alpine skiing

In Alaska, skiing is a big deal. There’s both Nordic and Alpine in Alaska, which are cross-country and downhill respectively. Alaska is a great place to learn to ski if you never have tried before. With your Alaska car rentals at your disposal, you have the ability to travel around to different areas in the state to find your favorite ski spot. Of course, you can always combine lodging with skiing by finding a nice ski resort.

Alaska is the ideal winter escape. There are endless options for winter activities in the state, and when you have your Alaska car rentals from Avis you really do have unlimited opportunities.