Where to Take Your Alaska Rental Car Golfing

While Alaska isn’t particularly known for being the golf state, it certainly has its share of greens that are worth a visit. As the golfing season is beginning to wind down, we thought we’d outline our favorite spots to tee-off from this summer. Perhaps you’ll be able to catch a few holes on the greens listed below – if you haven’t already. After a day exploring the more rugged sides of the state, you’ll need a little relaxation and tranquility. So load up your Alaska rental car with your best irons, and get ready for a few hours of down time on the green.

Anchorage Golf Course

As many of our Alaska rental car clients end up staying in or near Anchorage (for part of their trip, anyway), we thought we’d start off with a course close to home. The Anchorage Golf Course offers a season running from around May 15 to October 15. For a full 18 hole set, juniors pay $25 and adults $65.

However, this course is not for the faint-hearted. Anchorage Golf Course was thoughtfully and artfully designed by architect Bill Newcomb to be both a challenge and a breathtaking experience for golfers. Surrounded by Chugach Mountains, Cook Inlet, and Mount McKinley, you’ll have plenty to look at while you’re tracking your ball. The stunning vistas are one of the aspects that makes this golf course so appealing and unique. Juxtaposed with the spectacular natural sights is the Anchorage skyline.

As we said, though, this golf course is certainly not for amateurs. It spans across 6,600 yards and forces its players to navigate water hazards and blind tee shots.

Bear Valley on Kodiak Island

If you’ve taken your Alaska rental car as far as Kodiak Island, then you’ll quickly discover that there is not a wide variety of golf courses in this region. Bear Valley Golf Course, then, will be your oasis. The nine-hole course is the only green on the island, and stays open from May until September. Amenities include a driving range and a full service pro shop.

During the summer solstice, you’ll find this course to be quite the gem. As its closing hour simply state that it closes “two hours before sunset” you’ll find plenty of flexibility with golfing hours with the midnight sun.

Black Diamond Golf Course

You may have realized by now that Alaska is home to many unique golf course designs. Well, the Black Diamond Golf Course definitely does not disappoint. Similar to Anchorage’s course, Black Diamond is bordered by mountains as well as a mountain lake. On your downtime, you’ll get a close glance at wildlife and wildflowers in this region. Singularly Alaskan, this course is located right on top of the Alaskan tundra. Many golfers have said that this is the closest they can find in North America to the traditional Scottish courses.

You’ll find the course by Alaska rental car on the George Parks Highway. But we must warn you to pack well – because of its location on the Alaskan tundra, this course doesn’t offer a warm tee-off in the sun. Wear a sweater and comfortable, sturdy walking shoes that will help you keep your grip as you traverse the 9-hole green in the 3.5 hours that you’re there.

The course is only open from May 24 to September 24, however. So get a move on and check out this incredibly unique Alaskan golfing experience!

These are just a few of our favorites. Of course, Alaska has many other golf courses that offer incredible views and a challenging golfing experience. What’s your preferred course? Why just try one? Pack up the irons and take a golf road trip around the state in your Alaska rental car. Reserve your vehicle today.