Take in Alaska’s 100Stone Project On December 5th

Alaska has always been a locus of unique and poignant art. The locals have a tendency to create beautiful things that speak to both the state and land of Alaska itself, as well as deeply human experiences that we all have shared in. If you have driven through the state in your Alaska car rentals, you may already be familiar with the high expectations of local art in the area. Sarah Davies’ 100Stones project certainly does not stray from these expectations.

What is the 100Stones Project?

100Stones elegantly combines an appreciation of the land with the human experience on the beach of Point Woronzof. The project is a public installation, constructed for anyone to see. After working on her sculptures for two years, the project will officially be open for public viewings as a completed installation on December 5, 2015. The stone sculptures span the beach, each one telling their own story.

Why did Davies begin the project?

Davies collaborated with other locals to complete the project. Many of her sculptures are casts of people who wanted to take part in the project. The themes of her project revolve around trauma, illness, suffering, loneliness and isolation, and finally, of survival through resilience. She resists a “cult of happiness” and about her own ideas of healing, of living a unique and satisfactory life. She opens up conversation about these themes to bring back humanity to her casts and to show a collective space for stories to be told. She describes these stories as those of “wellness management” on a grassroots communal level and on a personal level. Hundreds of Alaskans participated.

Davies’s project is about truth and about the connectedness of individuals. What a beautiful goal – and certainly not one to miss. If you’re up for the drive, we highly recommend making the journey in your Alaska car rentals to take a look at this hauntingly gorgeous installation.

When is it?

The opening event of the installation will take place at Point Woronzof Overlook Park in Anchorage from 3 pm until 5 pm on Saturday, December 5. Following the opening, there will be the 100Stone Opening Reception at Anchorage Love Church from 6 pm until 10 pm. Here you’ll be able to hear the artists speak about the project starting at 7 pm. There will be drinks and food at the reception for your enjoyment as you learn more about the project.

Also at the opening reception will be a second art installation called “Hive Mind”, or an Artists Out of Order group show. You’ll find this located, hidden, throughout the Anchorage Love Church. The Church is located at 3502 Spenard Road in Anchorage.

How will this enhance your experience of Alaska?

Getting to know a state is more than just seeing the sites and landscapes. It’s about experiencing the local culture, enjoying its art and culinary tastes, meeting its people, finding out about what communal values are so critical to the foundation of the place. What better way to do that than at an art show? Here, you’ll have the opportunity to meet people and to see firsthand the artistic breath of the state.

Furthermore, Anchorage is a great location. If you’re not staying in Anchorage already, don’t worry – taking your Alaska car rentals here isn’t a waste of time. There are plenty of things to see and do that you’ll have easy access to with your Alaska car rentals. With sites, landmarks, ski slopes, and more you’ll be able to spend time here to fully revel in the Alaskan experience.

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