Hunting Lodges to Visit in your Alaska Car Rentals

Hunting is a popular American past time that has been used as both reason for and enhancement of vacations for generations. If you’re traveling around the state in your Alaska car rentals then you may want to take part in this classic American hobby. Before you can do that, you need to make sure you know the places that are good for hunting and that you have the appropriate paperwork.

We’ve found out all the information you’ll need to hunt in Alaska. Before you drive off hunting in your Alaska car rentals, read on to avoid trouble with the authorities and to get the best experience possible.

Hunting licenses in Alaska

In order to hunt in Alaska you need a hunting ticket or permit. You can buy these online at the Alaska Department of Fish and Game website. You can also purchase a license for hunting and fishing online at the same website. These websites will have all the information you need, including what permits and licenses can be purchased and which can be printed at home or need to be mailed.

Don’t try to go hunting or fishing without a permit. If you get caught, you could be faced with huge fines. The risk simply isn’t worth it. If you’re saving on Alaska car rentals with Avis, you don’t want to have to spend the savings to pay a ticket.

Westwind Guide Service

If you want the best experience of Alaska hunting, look into the Westwind Guide Service. This service will help you find the best hunting spots and capture award-winning catches. The service offers guides for sheep, bear, moose, and predator and wolf hunts. Before going you’ll need to make reservations. Though you can reach them by email, they prefer reservations by phone if possible.

You can buy 10, 11, 16, and 20 day hunts with tent accommodation, aircraft transportation, and spotting and stalking. Hunts can range in price up to $38,500 for a 20-day hunt or as low as $12,000 for a 10-day hunt.

The food at Westwind certainly won’t let you starve. You’ll be fed healthy portions of meat, potatoes, onions, sandwiches, cheese, snacks, coffee, and hot chocolate. However, this isn’t a camp you can drive your Alaska car rentals to. You’ll need to park the car and take an air taxi over.

Stoney River Lodge

Stoney River Lodge is a remote wilderness lodge in Alaska that allows you to take part in sheep, caribou, moose, and grizzly bear hunts as well as fishing. Stoney River offers a bed and breakfast near fishing spots as well as the use of gear.

Do you or someone you’re traveling with want to take part in activities other than hunting? The Stoney River Lodge also offers premium berry picking.

Stoney River Lodge offers 6, 7, 10, and 14 day hunts. Hunting prices range from as low as $4,800 to $30,000. Reserve well in advance to make sure you can get a spot on their hunts.

Green Rocks Wilderness Lodge

The Green Rocks Wilderness Lodge offers packages for both hunting and fishing, which are based on a double occupancy. These are 7-day long self-guided tours that cost $2,050. All three meals of the day are provided. Trips are for salmon and halibut fishing, and black bear, Sitka black tail deer, and wolf hunting. All hunting is done on 18 foot Lunds, offering you a classic Alaskan hunting experience. Make sure you have some skills boating, as these Lunds have 40 and 50 horse motors. However, once you have your assigned boat you can go out hunting and fishing whenever your heart desires.

Green Rocks is great for big groups. Accommodations sleep 15 people maximum, so if you come in a group of 12 or more people then the cabin is all yours.

Get the ultimate hunting trip started on the right foot when you reserve your Alaska car rentals from Avis.