Challenge Yourself: Try Ice Climbing in Alaska

Are you visiting Alaska looking for an adventure? Every year, travelers and tourists alike flock to Alaska to discover new challenging sports, and we can assure you they’re never disappointed. One of the sports that draws attention is ice climbing – and for good reason! This sport will show you new sides of yourself and of the state in ways that are impossible to gain elsewhere. Most importantly, you don’t need to be an expert to enjoy this sport. Whether your Alaska car rentals are full of family members or just you and a friend, ice climbing is accessible for most over the age of 12.

MICA Guides

MICA Guides is known for making ice climbing as accessible as possible to both youth and adults. Their professionals will teach you everything you need to know about this sport, and ensure your safety and fun along the way. They begin all of their students with the basic skills, and then adjust the climbing slopes to suit your advancing skills. By the end of the day, you’ll have challenged yourself and uncovered your limits.

If you’re headed to MICA, don’t worry about packing your Alaska car rentals with more than your luggage. All of your essential equipment, including climbing boots, crampons, helmets, and ice tools are counted in the cost of your ice climbing session. A session is 6 hours, throughout which you will progress from basic to higher levels of difficulty. All climbing sessions start with beginner bouldering.

MICA Guides is at the Matanuska Glacier. They offer a variety of glacial and outdoor activities alongside ice climbing, including ATV-ing and zip lining. They also offer lodgings at Alpenglow Luxury Camping, which will grant you a truly Alaskan experience. You’ll have the chance to stay in a boutique canvas tent and test out authentic traditional Alaskan food and drink before finishing off the evening in a dip in their handmade wood-burning hot tub. You’ll never again have an opportunity quite like the one provided by MICA and Alpenglow. So park the Alaska car rentals and unload your luggage for spectacular glacial views and unforgettable adventure.

Alaska Mountain Guides & Climbing School, Inc.

If you’re looking for a longer trip that travels to a variety of mountains around Haines, then the ice-climbing guide you’re looking for is the Alaska Mountain Guides & Climbing School, Inc. With trips stretching from 1 to 5 days, you’ll gain on-location ice-climbing experience.

In their program you will learn the skills of anchors, belaying, crampon and ice axe techniques, knots, protection systems, rappelling, and rope managements. Their goal at Alaska Mountain Guides is to ensure you know all the skills you need for ice climbing, and that you can use them on your own with confidence. They’re all about safety – not just while you’re under their guidance, but even after you’ve ventured off on your own in years to come.

The fees include your camping and climbing equipment, food throughout your trip, and ground transportation in Haines. You will begin in their center in Haines and travel up to the mountains that overlook 27 million acres around the Glacier Bay National Park. You certainly will never get a view such as this one anywhere else.

Alaska Mountain Guides provides other sporting services that you can enjoy while you’ve stopped your Alaska car rentals in Haines. Opportunities include sea kayaking, mountaineering and mountaineering expeditions, backpacking and canyoneering, whitewater, skiing and snowboarding, and hiking and trekking.

Alaska is a place of opportunities. Ice climbing can reveal the beauty of the glaciers to you beyond the scope of sightseeing. You’ll get a glimpse at the core of Alaskan culture, tradition, and natural glory. Don’t wait a minute longer. Reserve your Alaska car rentals from Avis to begin on an expedition to remember.