Alaska’s Top 5 Campgrounds

Summer is almost here, and camping season will soon begin. Though you may not have started thinking about where you’ll camp this summer, if you want to get the best campgrounds you’ll want to book early. If you know your travel dates, start planning now. Alaska is a gorgeous state to camp in and has plenty of incredible campgrounds. Once there you can park your Alaska car rentals and get out to explore nature.

To save you time, Avis Alaska car rentals did the research on campgrounds for you. These are the best of the campgrounds we’ve discovered in our searching.

1) Teklanika Campground at Denali National Park

Camping at this site will help you kill two birds with one stone. The drive to Denali National Park is beautiful, just like the park itself. With 53 sites at only $12 a night, you’re getting a gorgeous natural experience without spending hefty sums. The site is completely family friendly – even for your furry family member.

There’s tent camping, but also big rig access. There are pull-thru sites also, for ease of convenience. To call for your reservation on the site, the number is (800) 622-7275.

2) Blueberry Lake State Recreation Site in Valdez

The site is slightly smaller than Teklanika Campground, with only 15 sites in total. At $15 per night, the sites are both tent camping friendly and big rig access, but not pull-thru. This site also allows pets so your whole family can come along.

Book your site when you book your Alaska car rentals. Call ahead to (907) 255-2842 for reservations.

3)Williwaw Campground at Whittier

A wonderful campground with lovely vistas, Williwaw has 60 sites at only $14 per night. Like the other sites in the list, four-legged family members are more than welcome at this site. Pull-thru sites, big rig access, and tent sites are all available at Williwaw. Call (907) 522-8368 for reservations to the campground.

While the other sites on this list come in at 4 stars, the Williwaw Campground gets a hefty 4.5 stars out of 5, making it a positive choice for your camping experience.

4)Chicken Gold Camp and Outpost in Chicken

Taking your Alaska car rentals to Chicken may allow you to cross one thing off your bucket list: Camping in a place with an unusual name. Chicken Gold Camp is the priciest ground on our list so far, coming in at $25 per night to stay in one of the 25 sites. However, that is likely because this is the only site so far that offers both free WiFi and 30 amp electric access. WiFi will let you keep in touch with the outside world, hunt for surrounding restaurants, look for sites to see around Alaska, and even contact Avis if you have any questions about your Alaska car rentals.

Like every other campground on this list, pets are more than welcome on your trip. Pull-thru sites, big rig access, and tent camping are all available at Chicken Gold Camp. To reserve your site, call (520) 413-1480.

5) Tolsona Wilderness Campground at Glennallen

Our final campground on the list is the most expensive at $35 per campsite. There’s a wide range of amenities and hook-ups to enjoy at the Tolsona Wilderness Campground. The site offers free WiFi connection, 30 amp electric connection, 50 amp electric connection, water, and sewer lines. You’ll remain connected to the outside world, and the water connection and sewage will help you stay clean over the course of your trip. Pets come along for family fun on pull-thru tent camping sites with big rig access.