Top 5 Driving Destinations in Your Alaska Car Rental

Alaska is one of America’s unappreciated, and often forgotten gems. This gorgeous state has plenty to offer visitors if you know what to look for. With so much untouched wilderness, the views that you’ll find in these landscapes will blow your mind. If you’re traveling through the state in your Alaska car rental, you’ll want to plan your trip in advance so as not to catch any of the sites.

Alaska Rent A Car can help out with the planning. Here are the 6 best driving destinations that are absolute must-sees when you take your Alaska car rental out this spring. 

Denali National Park

Now that you’ve driven the Denali Highway, it’s time to enjoy its national park. Teklanika is the campground in this park, and has generators that can be used for a few hours each morning or evening.

Be prepared to meet some incredible people, enjoy gorgeous views, and come across a couple wild animals. Don’t worry – the grounds are very safe. In fact, with all the wonderful people and natural surroundings, you may not want to leave!

Exit Glacier

Those who want to visit the Exit Glacier are up for a little trek. Once you drive the 4 miles out of Seward to the glacier, you’re up for a nearly 2-mile hike in thick snow. Make sure you bundle up when you take this trip, as the temperature on this weather-generating glacier will make you feel like you’ve entered the movie Frozen.

Once you reach the top of the glacier, however, you’ll quickly forget the exhausting hike and chilly climate. The view is simply awe-inspiring.

Skagway via the Alaska Highway

Skagway is a cute little area of Alaska that is certainly worth the visit. Right on the Alaska panhandle, this little harbor town is a first class city. It’s jam-packed with tourist attractions, restaurants, and hotels, and is therefore a welcome re-entry into civilization if you’ve spent days in the Alaskan wilderness. Take the Alaska Highway to Skagway for a gorgeous road trip in your Alaska car rental.

The Alaska Highway

On the topic of gorgeous drives down the Alaska Highway, this route is one that you should travel simply for the sake of it – even if you don’t have a destination in mind. Constructed in the 1940s, this roadway has a treasury of too-beautiful-to-believe scenery and wildlife. Beginning in Watson Lake, Yukon Territories, Canada, you’ll need to have your passport handy for this trip.

Make sure to take a stop in the Sign Post Forest. If you plan ahead, you can even have a sign made up to add and leave your mark on this quirky little feature of Watson Lake.

University of Alaska

For most people, universities aren’t on their “To See” list while traveling. However, you won’t regret visiting the Museum of the North. With gorgeous vistas on every side, the university is a shining example of the beauty of Alaska in every realm.

Once here, visit the second floor of the Museum of the North at the university. Here you’ll find a room with speakers that are connected to microphones placed across Alaska. These record the sounds of the Earth and transmit them so you can hear. It’s a truly breathtaking experience to listen to the Earth speak.

Plan your trip in advance to get the most out of Alaska. The first step? Reserving your Alaska car rental with Alaska Rent A Car today.