Discover Alaska with Folk Lore and Alaska Car Rentals

Folklore holds a special place in the northern territories, and Alaska is no different. In your journeys with your Alaska car rentals, you may see or hear hints of the history of mythology in these regions without even realizing. But these stories tell more than just haunting tales of beasts and inhuman creatures – they speak to a history of the region and the people.

If you really want to get to know the state, rather than simply race through in your Alaska car rentals, then you may find interest in the lore that still whispers through the region.

Taught in schools

While it cannot be a general statement for all schools across the state, some elementary and secondary schools continue to teach of the folklore in Alaska and of the Inuit peoples. Alaska’s history as an American state is not so long, after all, and history classes must be filled with all of Alaska’s past.

In the art of the state

Perhaps because of the prevalence of folklore and because the tales are still told in indigenous communities, mythology and folklore continue to be present in the art of the state. Artists across Alaska depict Qalupalik, Adlet, Tizheruk, and others. If you know the lore, you may be able to immediately identify these figures. If you don’t, however, all you need to do is ask. Some of these pieces may also have explanatory placards. We highly recommend taking the time to read these – the lore is not only informatory of Alaska’s history, but they are thrilling tales of ethereal, super human mystery. You may just find yourself driving your Alaska car rentals all over the region to find more art with this lore on display.

One Alaskan artist who hopes to revive the prevalence of mythology is Kray Van Kirk, a finger stylist singer-songwriter who plays both 6- and 12-string guitars. Though he does not specifically focus purely on Alaskan folklore, his newest album entitled “The Queen of Elfland” hopes to bring back mythology. He sees mythology as one of the major driving forces in contemporary culture – one that has been ignored and forgotten by many today. He would like to remind mainstream culture of the significance of mythology by remaking the myths in his music. He has traveled across the United States and internationally to perform. If he is playing a show near you when you visit, it’s well worth a trip in your Alaska car rentals to see him play.

The hunt continues?

It’s tough to believe that any one in the 21st century would continue a hunt for these mythical creatures, but in fact, it has happened in recent years. In the early 2000s, there was in fact a hunt for a sea serpent that became known as “Caddy”. On the hunt were brothers and expert fishermen, Johnathan and Andy Hillstrand. They based the origins of their hunt off of video footage from 2009. In the clip, which was taken off the coast of Alaska, there appears to be some kind of enormous white sea creature that does not perfectly match a description of any other kind of sea creature. The Hillstrands believed this was the final proof that Caddy – a creature that has claimed sightings over the past century – truly exists.

They began their hunt along the Pacific coast, into British Columbia, Canada. There are skeptics, however. The video is extremely dark and out of focus, making the description of the creature both ambiguous and unreliable. Of course, this isn’t the first time that seafarers and myth-chasers have hunted after legendary creatures. Stories of sightings have popped up around the world for centuries and continue to do so, even into the 21st century. Though many of the most recent sightings have proven to be false identification or even well-planned hoaxes, the desire to discover these creatures as real remains strong.

Why not take a drive to the coast in your Alaska car rentals? You may see Caddy for yourself – or at the very least, catch a glimpse of a walrus.

Why has mythological creatures fascinated so many for so long? The answers are varied, and debatable. What’s not debatable is that Avis Alaska car rentals will offer you the best deals on comfort and style for your trip to Alaska this January. Reserve your Alaska car rentals today.

Drive Safe in Alaska Car Rentals Despite Record Snow

Winter has arrived in Alaska and it’s hitting heavy this year. On Friday, September 25 record snowfall hit Fairbanks, Alaska and it doesn’t look like it’s going to get any lighter as the season progresses. This snowfall is abnormal for this time of year, even for Alaska. If you’re taking your Alaska car rentals around the state, there are some weather tips and driving hints you need to be aware of in order to maintain your safety.

Driving in Alaska isn’t quite like driving in the main states. You need to remain vigilant, check the weather, and know your route. But there’s much more than that. Read on to find out how you can protect yourself and your family in your Alaska car rentals.

Record snowfall in Fairbanks

As mentioned above, record snowfalls hit on September 25 which reached 6.7 inches of snow. This substantially beat the previous daily record for September, being 0.8 inches in 1996.

Though it isn’t looking like this will continue throughout October, it is important to be warned and stay vigilant. Always expect the unexpected when it comes to Alaska weather.

It’s likely that the wet season will continue before snow hits full swing.

Winter preparation in Alaska

The first thing you need to do is to make sure your car is fully prepared for winter driving. As you’ll have Alaska car rentals, the preparation work will be done for you. However, if you’re keeping your Alaska car rentals for an extended period of time, it’s important that you area aware of the basic upkeep to stay safe on the road.

First, make sure your battery is always in good repair. Regularly check to make sure your battery and terminals are clean, with good connections, and free of any debris. Also make sure that the battery has a proper fluid level and has a good charge.

Throughout your journey, frequently check that the intake vents are clear of rubbish. If they’re blocked, this could cause issues with your heating and ventilation systems.

If you see at any point that you’re low on windshield washer fluid, make sure to refill with washer antifreeze solution. Check with your Alaska car rentals expert before filling any fluids, however, as they may prefer to do maintenance in shop.

Beginning your journey

Carbon monoxide kills. And worse yet, carbon monoxide is a silent killer. This toxic gas can quickly work its magic if you aren’t careful. When warming up your vehicle, make sure never to do so in a closed area, regardless of how large. Furthermore, it’s a smart idea to keep a window cracked a bit while you’re driving to let in oxygen and let out any carbon monoxide that may have crept in.

Before setting off, also make sure to completely clear your car of snow and ice. This means scraping the snow off all the windows, mirrors, and even the roof and hoods of the vehicle. Any snow on the hoods or roof of your Alaska car rentals could blow onto your windshields and blind you from the road. Break up and knock out the ice that has formed in your tires and on the under carriage of your car, as well. Ice in your tires could cause issues with stopping or maneuvering.

Finally, drive cautiously. The most important thing you can do is check the hourly forecast before you head off, and find check points where you can rest until the storm ends in case adverse weather hits. This means knowing your route in advance, rather than learning it while you’re driving. Make sure your fuel tank is always full. And last but not least, leave space. You’ll need almost double the amount of space as necessary in order to make sure you’re able to fully and completely stop in case of emergency.

Don’t wait until winter really hits to reserve your Alaska car rentals from Avis Alaska.

How to Help the Whole Family Enjoy Hiking and Camping

Hiking and camping are specialized interests. Unless a person has the most enjoyable introduction to either one of these pastimes, it’s easy to dismiss either one as difficult, too energy-intensive, or boring. If you want to get your family into hiking and camping in Alaska, it isn’t as difficult as you may think. All it takes is the right approach and the right attitude. You’ll need to make sure you pack your Alaska car rentals with the proper equipment, nutritious snacks, and appropriate activities to get teens and children into hiking. But with the right planning, any family can become hiking and camping lovers.

Don’t overwhelm your kids

The fact is that most of the time, kids and teenagers can think of things they’d rather do other than hiking. The most important thing you can do is to show them that hiking doesn’t have to be exhausting. There’s light work out, then there’s strenuous and arduous, tear-inducing marathon hikes. Pick the former.

Choose hiking paths that are reasonable, and have something interesting along the way. Gorgeous views, intriguing historical sites, and quirky landmarks are all things you should be looking out for when you choose your hiking path. Still yet, pick a hike that won’t take them over intense obstacles and terrain over a five-hour day. Choose hikes that are suited to your kids’ skill levels, but still may offer them a sense of accomplishment at the end of the day when you’re all filing back into your Alaska car rentals.

Two examples of fairly easy hikes are the Echo Bend in Eagle River and around the Eklutna Lake.

Set it up

While you may know that the hike is a reasonable one, that doesn’t mean your kids have to. If you push their expectations into thinking the hike is more difficult than it is, they’ll be pleasantly surprised and feel a larger sense of accomplishment if they can take on the hike without problems. Small reminders like asking about bug spray, proper hiking shoes, and asking them to stretch before the hike are all subtle ways of hinting toward a tough day.

Don’t be afraid to offer rewards

Most parents know that rewards are huge motivators for kids. Offering things like their favorite snacks while on the hike, or taking them out to their favorite restaurant for an after hike dinner can be great options. Also promising to bring them to the site they really want to see or event they want to go to can help them get excited about completing the hike successfully. Along the way, they may even realize they have fallen in love with hiking and it won’t take a bribe next time.

Avoid wilderness treks

For families with older kids, wilderness treks may not be such a bad idea. These can take as little as 3 days and go up to 9 days, and will take you across uninhabited areas of Alaska that are thriving with wildlife. These camping trips are a great way to learn about your limitations, to bond, and to grow an appreciation and respect of nature. However, they’re not for the inexperienced or faint of heart. And they certainly aren’t for kids younger than teenagers.

Camping is great fun, but when with the kids, make sure to choose a designated campsite. A site like the Denali National Park is ideal for seeing Alaska in all of its wonder, but without straying off the commonly traveled road. The Denali National Park also offers a beautiful drive in your Alaska car rentals to get a full glimpse of the mountain views.

Don’t wait to start planning your perfect hiking trip. Reserve your Alaska car rentals from Avis today.

Introducing Avis Alaska’s New Website 

It’s time for a new face for Avis Alaska. We’re happy to announce that we are in the process of revamping our online presence in order to benefit our customers better. These days, technology rules over the world. And we know how important it is to have a chic website with a friendly user interface for our Alaska car rentals clients.

After putting careful thought and lots of TLC into the new platform for our Alaska car rentals clients, Avis Alaska’s website is almost ready for launch. Coming in mid April 2015, Avis Alaska’s site will offer a wider range of resources and tools for our clients. Interested? Read on to find out what you’ll gain from the fresh platform.
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