Tips for Learning to Ski with the Kids in Alaska

Winter is back in Alaska in all its glories. This is the most fun time of year for Alaskans and visitors, when all of our favorite pastimes begin again. Skiing is just one of a number of winter activities that will let you enjoy that state to its fullest as you travel around in your Alaska car rentals. Many visitors are new to this winter sport, especially those from warmer states. If you and your kids have never skied before, fear not – you can quickly learn.

Many cities and resorts have ski schools where you can learn the tricks of the trade for a small price, and ski hills often have skis for rent so all you have to worry about packing in your Alaska car rentals are your warm clothes and a lunch! To help you get on the slopes with ease, Avis Alaska has a few tricks and tips for learning how to master the slopes.

Picking the right hill

When you’re learning to ski, you want to pick a hill or resort that has good instructors. But how would you know this just by finding them online?

There are a few spots that Avis recommends. If you’re visiting Anchorage, you won’t need to drive your Alaska car rentals far to find a top quality hill. The Hilltop Ski Area offers lessons for kids ages 6-16 and 4-5 on weekdays, and 6-12 on weekends. If you have an older child who wants to learn to snowboard, you can quickly add on a few lessons in that as well. This hill is quiet, being mainly a neighborhood skiing hot spot rather than a tourist resort.

If you’re looking for larger resort with high-quality, professionally trained ski instructors, try the Alyeska Resort in Girdwood, Alaska. With both private and group lessons available for every level from beginning to pro, the Mountain Learning Center is the largest of its kind in the entire state. As an added bonus, you are sure to find only great instructors here – every one is a Professional Ski Instructor of America.

Unfortunately, Southeast Alaska doesn’t have many hills to offer skiers, but the one it does have is high quality and won’t be too long of a drive in your Alaska car rentals. Located in Juneau, the Eaglecrest Ski Area again offers both private and group lessons but it also provides child-care in the Porcupine Day Lodge for kids too small to ski.

Pizza is your friend

No, we don’t mean a real pizza pie (though that is a good addition to any day too!). The “pizza” position in skiing, otherwise known as the “snow plough” is one that you’ll want to remember if you’re a beginner. This is when you form a triangle with your skis by pushing the backs out and the fronts in toward one another. To prevent damage, avoid putting the tips of your skis over each other.

The pizza position will help you stop when you’re still learning the basics. The position also helps to slow down, so that any near collisions can quickly be deterred. The further apart the backs of your skis are, the slower you’ll go.

Always look to your destination

Similar to driving your Alaska car rentals, you want to look in the direction in which you want to travel. For instance, if you want to turn right down a path, look down the path and to the final destination. While this won’t be the only trick you need to use to turn, it will help get you on the right track. Your body will automatically shift in your desired direction.

Beginners beware of poles

Though you may want to look the part of knowledgeable skier, poles are actually a bit of a hindrance for beginners – especially for children. When you’re still learning the basics, like stopping, turning, standing up straight, and so on, you do not want to worry about a couple of poles as well. For the first few lessons, or until you feel ready, skip the poles and stick to just your skis.

Discover the thrill of winters in Alaska with a high quality, snow-ready Alaska car rental from Avis.