The Alaska Airlines Merger: All You Need to Know

This spring, Virgin Airlines and Alaska Airlines announced that the two companies would be merging. This made big news – Virgin Airlines has been one of America’s most trusted and popular companies for decades. What would happen when the two airlines joined? What could travelers expect? And how could this affect our Alaska car rentals clients?

Particularly in recent decades, company mergers are a common occurrence – not always to the benefit of employees, companies, and clientele. But the merger between Alaska Air Group and Virgin America does seem promising, offering expanded opportunities to both airlines’ clients. Furthermore, this has the opportunity to increase traffic flow between Alaska, the Lower 48, and other parts of the world.

Increased opportunities

Thus far, the largest benefit that clients are raving about is that the merging of these two airlines will allow for an increased route plan. Both airlines have limited flights to restricted sections of America. However, when the two airlines officially merge, there will be as many as 1,200 flights out of the airline per day with many more destination options on offer.

Most importantly, many of these new flight options will be nonstop. If you’ve traveled through these airlines you’ll know that transfers and layovers are a very real possibility. With the merger, the airlines are attempting to reduce the number of stops that travelers must endure on their journey.

Not only will this merger connect more Americans with other parts of America, it will also bolster opportunities with international partners. Both airlines are dedicated to expanding their client base, while maintaining the same customer service for their long-term loyal customers. We, for one, are excited to meet new Alaska car rentals clients from all over the globe thanks to this merger!

Membership programs

One of the largest concerns about the merger has been the outcome of both airlines’ mileage and loyalty plans. Until the transaction officially closes, these mileage plans will remain distinct and separate, allowing travelers to use them as they always have. Once the transaction is complete, the mileage and loyalty programs of the two airlines will merge, and Virgin American loyalty customers will be able to use their award miles in the new program.

The new loyalty program continues the commitment to rewarding great customers. It relies on outstanding customer service, and will continue to offer destinations around the world – now as many as 900.

Blending the top 2 – a Super Airline

The idea behind the merger is to blend two of America’s top airlines in order to create an enhanced, super airline of sorts. Consistently, Alaska Airlines and Virgin America are ranked at top in flight service, top for customer satisfaction, and best employers of the major airlines in the United States. In buying Virgin America, Alaska Airlines decided to expand upon both airlines’ skillset and combine the two in order to create the best of both worlds. Together, the airlines will be able to improve on what needs improving, learn from each other, and elevate what is already positive in both companies.

Will this affect our Alaska car rentals clients?

Here at Avis Alaska car rentals, we truly believe that this merger can only be advantageous many of our clients. It will offer you many more opportunities to reap rewards from your airline, and offer you more convenience flights in and out of Alaska to a wider variety of destinations. Alaska remains a major hub for this airline, alongside San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle, and Portland, which provide greater traffic flow and popular paths between these major American cities.

For more information about the merger from Virgin American, go here. If you’re a regular Alaska Airlines flyer, click here to find out about the merger directly from the company as well as details on how it may affect you. Both airlines have said that their clients will not be directly affected by the merging membership plan, and will only experience positive outcomes.

One thing that will always stay the same – Avis Alaska and our commitment to high quality Alaska car rentals matched with supreme customer service. Reserve your vehicle with us today.