Moose Hunting Extends into January

Hunters in Alaska will receive a belated Christmas gift this January. Moose hunting in Alaska normally opens in the fall, but this year, with an increased population in moose calves in the Western region of Alaska, wildlife managers have decided to grant an extension. Throughout the month of January, hunters may continue to enjoy their sport until 10 cows and 15 bulls have been taken. This extension is particularly good news for those who have yet to bag a moose, and with the underwhelming caribou population this year. So, load up your Avis Alaska car rentals and let the games begin!

Restrictions on the extension

As mentioned, the quota for the extension is 10 cows and 15 bulls. The wildlife managers have identified this quota as the maximum harvest that the increased moose population can withstand. Only those who have not yet bagged a moose in the regular hunting season may continue their quest and may take up to two moose.
The hunting region for this extension is limited to Game Management Unit 17A, where the moose population increase has occurred. This region is closest to Togiak and Twin Hills villages, and expands between Cape Newenham and Cape Constantine.

Getting to GMU 17A

If you’re staying in the more popular region around Anchorage, then getting to GMU 17A may be a bit of a journey. We recommend taking your Alaska car rentals. Though the drive is just under 400 miles to Togiak village, you’ll get a peek at some of Alaska’s less populated areas and see more of the beautiful landscape offered by this state.

Make sure to register

Whether you’re a resident of Alaska or a visitor from out of state, you’ll need to make sure you’re properly registered in order to take part in the hunt. As you likely already know if you’re a seasoned hunter, registration is an important part of maintaining and keeping track of game populations. Remember that you are also required to report your harvest to wildlife management. All reports must be completed in person or by mail, and in many cases now, by an online service.

During this extended season, in particular, it is essential that the wildlife management of GMU 17A can keep an eye on how many moose are being bagged per day in order to remain within their quota of 10 cows and 15 bulls. You don’t want the season to be affected next year!

Plan ahead. Register online before you make your trip to Alaska to avoid last minute complications. We would also recommend remaining updated with the extension, especially if you’re travelling to GMU 17A later in January – you don’t want to plan your trip only to find out that the quota has been met. If you can’t, go sooner rather than later.

How to identify restricted moose

You are restricted from hunting some moose. As this hunt is an “antlered” bull moose hunt, all hunters are prohibited from taking male calves. You’ll know these by the short antler growth just beneath a layer of skin and hair. If you see that small growth, move on.

Off road driving

We just want to take this opportunity to remind our loyal customers that Avis Alaska car rentals are limited to the use of paved roads only. We’d like our vehicles to help you in your hunt as much as possible, but be aware that coverage of our Alaska car rentals does not extend onto off-road areas.

Often, there are hunting lodges that will be able to take you to and from the hunt and we would recommend teaming up with one of these seasoned professionals. Not only will this save you time and effort, but these professionals often know the best places to find game.

Get your hunt started with your Alaska car rentals reservation from Avis today.