Stay Entertained in Alaska During the Flurries

Winter has started to hit a little earlier than normal in Alaska. The record snowfall on September 25th made many Alaskans and Alaska car rentals customers worry that it’s going to be a harsh winter. However, though it seems like there’s going to be a bit more of a wet season before the snow really begins again, it’s always good to be prepared.

If you and your Alaska car rentals are snowed in, then you’ll need some indoor activities to escape the cold. Even if you’re not snowed in, there’s only so much time you can spend outside before your nose starts to feel like it will be stuck in perma-freeze.

The Anchorage Symphony Orchestra

Anchorage has been lucky to have the Anchorage Symphony Orchestra for the past 70 years and opened their new season on September 23. The opening concert took place at the Atwood Concert Hall in the Alaska Center for the Performing Arts. The Orchestra is a favorite in Alaska, with original and lively takes on classic works.

Van Gogh Alive – The Experience

This exhibit opens on October 9 in the Anchorage Museum and will offer a new view of Van Gogh’s paintings. The show produces a more interactive experience with over 3,000 of the master’s works, with multimedia technology to project the paintings.

The Anchorage Community Theatre

This year, Anchorage is the place to be. Fortunately if you’re not staying in Anchorage you have your Alaska car rentals, so you can get to any event you want. The Anchorage Community Theatre is just one of the venues that has a lineup of theatrical performances and talent this year. From October 9 to November 1, catch “Blithe Spirit” by Noel Coward – a deeply hilarious comedy that will have you clutching your sides.

The Anchorage Concert Association

Who doesn’t love a good musical? “My Fair Lady” has always been a particular public favorite. Originally the play “Pygmalion” by George Bernard Shaw, this musical has become a classic through the ages. Opening on October 20 and running until October 25 by the Anchorage Concert Association, you definitely won’t want to miss this one. The costumes are gorgeous, and the music will keep your emotions high.

The Perseverance Theatre

For more theatrical performances, you’ll have to get your Alaska car rentals back to Anchorage to check out the Perseverance Theatre. From September 25 to October 3 catch the performance of Fairbanks local actress Rebecca George and Kevin T. Bennett in the spectacular “Annapurna.”

The Rarefied Light Juried Show

If you love photography, then Alaska’s Rarefied Light Juried Show at the International Gallery of Contemporary Art may be perfect. The show opens on October 2. The Rarefied Light Juried Show is used to showcase all of the best photographers in Alaska. Alaska has particularly beautiful and unique landscapes and scenes that local photographers do a beautiful job of capturing.

Park your Alaska car rentals for a day in

Of course, when you travel to a new place, the last thing you want to do is stay in the hotel room. However, when the weather is truly harsh, you may want to take a day away from the cold. Prepare for a day in by booking cozy lodgings that you won’t mind spending time in. Bed and breakfasts are always good options, as you’re guaranteed a meal without having to start up the Alaska car rentals.

Ski resorts are also nice, as you’re right at the bottom of the hill and restaurants are often right in the lodgings. Ski resorts also often have other activities you can take part in so that you’re not bored throughout the day.

If you want a truly relaxing day in, book at a cabin or cottage. These are the epitome of comfortable, cozy winter escapes that will transport you right out of civilization and into a zone of utter relaxation.

Your perfect winter vacation doesn’t have to be costly. Experience great service at great prices with Alaska car rentals from Avis.