Important Info for Alaska Fishing This Season

Fishing season is in full blast in Alaska. Whether you’re a resident or just visiting, it’s important to know what information you need before you take your Alaska car rentals off on fishing trips. Alaska is a great place for fishing, with a wide variety of species to be found. Salmon is the major fish species that you’ll find in Alaska, but other fish such as halibut can also be discovered in abundance.

Be respectful

One of the most important things to remember is to be respectful, especially if you are a visitor of the state. Many residents rely on fish as a major source of food, particularly throughout the winter months.

Make sure you have the right licenses and permits for fishing, no matter what area or city you’re in. Choose lakes and rivers that are acceptable for fishing, as approved by the local government. Don’t litter, or drop pollutants into the water. Take your litter when you leave and deposit it into the proper receptacles. When you’re driving your Alaska car rentals to your fishing spot, stick to designated roads to avoid ruining local vegetation.

Kenai populations are making a positive comeback

Fishermen in Alaska are often found complaining about the ineffective bait that bring in quite the quantity of salmon that most would like. In the past, salmon populations just weren’t at high enough levels to allow for extensive fishing.

Fortunately, this year marks the first in 4 years in which fishermen may use more effective bait. In fact, fishermen on the Kenai River have remarked that no bait at all is necessary much of the time. The populations have increased to such a level that simply throwing a line into the river may work well enough to provide a decent catch. With that in mind, many guides are actually arguing against the use of bait. Their argument is that because so many people are having luck with their catch without bait, there’s no need to risk depleting fishery resources with excessive bait fishery.

This year, state biologists have estimated that nearly 26,000 king salmon can be found in the Kenai River. Anchor River has roughly 9,800 king salmons, Little Su has about 4,800, and Deshka has 24,000 king salmons.

The various fishing methods

There are myriad options you can use for fishing in Alaska. Read on to find out about each method before you pack up your Alaska car rentals for a fishing trip.

Dip netting is a great option for catching large quantities of fish with which to stock up the freezer. The problem with dip netting is that it is quite expensive to buy the necessary gear. However, once you do have the proper equipment, sockeye salmon will only cost $1-$2 per pound to catch. Of course, you may not catch anything at all with dip netting.

However, if you do catch fish you’ll have gained a high yield without as much work. Don’t be fooled, though. Dip netting does take up energy and time to properly execute. Like anything else, practice makes perfect.

Rod and reel fishing is a much easier method that anyone can pick up. It may not be the most efficient, but it allows you to venture across a variety of rivers and lakes to catch fish. You’ll be offered up a more traditional experience that is akin to what people have been doing for centuries. This method allows you to access a variety of species compared to dip netting, as it is more mobile.

Unfortunately, rod and reel takes up more time than other methods. However, this method also allows fishermen to catch and keep fewer fish. Furthermore, gear for this is still expensive, like dip netting.

Finally, subsistence fishing is mainly common among residents of Alaska. It embraces traditional methods that allow fishermen to feed their families and replenish their food supply. Subsistence fishing relies on fish wheels and gillnets to gain high quantities of fish. The government allows higher limits on the number of fish subsistence fishers can catch and keep.

Those who subsistence fish cannot take part in personal use fishery, however. Also, this method relies on fish runs, which can be tough to find or reach in your Alaska car rentals.

Get started on your perfect fishing trip in with Avis Alaska car rentals this year.