Hiking Anchorage’s Chester Creek Trail

Hiking in Alaska is a top sport. If you’re visiting Alaska, then you would be seriously missing out if you didn’t check out at least a few trails before you leave. You don’t even need to take your Alaska SUV rental the metropolis of Anchorage – Chester Creek Trail is just outside of this city and is a gorgeous hike for both beginners and experts.

What to bring on the hike

Since you’re likely just going on a day hike, you don’t need to bring any more than you’d bring to any other day trip. A few snacks, a light sweater, and a large bottle of water will be plenty.

However, you may also want to bring a camera and a picnic blanket. This scenic trail is absolutely spectacular; more than one hiker has stopped for a relaxing picnic and a photo-op. Pack a basket will all of your favorite goodies to enhance the quality of your hike.

How long is the hike?

Chester Creek Trail is great for beginners, though experts still enjoy this easy stroll for its immense beauty. The walk runs only 4 miles and loops around from Westchester Lagoon to Goose Lake.

Terrain of Chester Creek

You certainly won’t need to worry about wearing intense hiking shoes for this trail. The terrain is flat, with a paved guided path. No directional skills? No problem here. Just follow the path and you’ll be find your way just fine. This is because technically the Chester Creek Trail is still within city limits, so there’s parking for your Alaska SUV rental.

Certainly, Chester Creek Trail isn’t exactly a dip into the wilderness. You’ll see the outskirts of Anchorage suburbs and neighborhoods, as well as plenty of spaces to stop and let the kids play. There are sports fields and picnic spots (where that blanket and loaded basket will come in handy!), and playgrounds to help wear out your kids’ extra energy before they have to get back in the Alaska SUV rental.

Be prepared to move out of the way for cyclists and joggers. This is a popular exercise trail for locals, because of the smooth path and beautiful surroundings, as well as its proximity to the city center.

Wild life in Chester Creek

Don’t expect to see the same kinds of scenes that can be found in other landscapes and hiking trails across Alaska, but that doesn’t mean Chester Creek isn’t beautiful in its own right. You may even catch a few wildlife sightings! Songbirds are common along the trails, ready to provide you with a soundtrack for your hike. Bird lovers will certainly want to bring along their bird whistle and book. They’ll have a great time spotting and naming birds along the 4 mile route.

Moose aren’t as common, but there is still a possibility that you’ll see one or two. Have the camera ready!

For a more challenging trip

If you want to roam off of the Chester Creek Trail to get a bit more of a challenge without having to get back into your Alaska SUV rental, take off down Tony Knowles Coastal Trail. This trail is nearly 3 times the length of Chester Creek, at 11 miles in total, and intersects with Chester Creek. It goes along a semi-urban route (like Chester Creek) to Kincaid Chalet. Here again you’ll find cyclists, runners, and rollerbladers enjoying the warm summer weather.

On the Tony Knowles Trail, you’re much more likely to see moose as you dig deeper into nature. You’ll also catch a variety of other wild sights, like beluga whales off the coastline. This trail remains suitable for beginners with a bit more stamina, and continues to have a relatively flat terrain.

Alaska is a world of wonders that is waiting to be explored. Reserve your Alaska SUV rental from Avis today to set out on a hiking tour of the state.