About Sitka

The city of Sitka is located in Southeast Alaska, on the west coast of Baranof Island, and spans the southern portion of Chichagof Island and most of Japonski Island as well. The tranquil sea-side town is flanked by snow-capped mountains to the East and cradled by the Pacific Ocean to the West.

Sitka is regularly enshrouded by a veil of mist, which gives it a tranquil, ethereal appearance that visitors love. It is located approximately 92 miles from Juneau on the well-known Inside Passage, but is only accessible via plane or boat.

Despite being noted as being the second largest city by area size in the United States, Sitka has a population of less than 10,000 permanent residents.

Sitka combines the lush Alaskan wilderness with multiple historic ancestries. In fact, Sitka is registered as having some twenty-two local places in the National Register of Historic Places. If you're a history buff then you won't get bored in this famous Alaskan settlement.

Today Sitka is the home of Alaska’s largest harbor system and the sixth largest in the United States.

Things to Do Aplenty

Sitka is a stunningly beautiful sea-side town that offers visitors plenty of options for things to do. In fact, the waters around this region of Alaska are known to harbor some of the most abundant marine life in the world.

Sport-fishing is a major attraction for visitors to the region, with salmon, halibut, black cod and herring available for angling enthusiasts.

Visitors seeking outdoor adventures will love the sheer beauty on view during sea kayaking adventures or even ocean rafting outings.

The Alaska Raptor Center is a rehabilitation center for sick or injured birds of prey that allows visitors to see these majestic birds up close. Saint Lazaria National Wildlife Refuge is also a wonderful way to experience much of the wildlife this region has to offer.

Hikers can hike along trails through the stunningly majestic Tongass National Forest and enjoy the pristine wilderness surrounding them. Take a tour and see if you can spot any of the plentiful Alaskan Brown Bears  or Black Tail Deer hiding among the abundant wild flowers in the Iris Meadows estuary.

Culture is at its best and high on the list of most visitors of this small town. Countless Haida and Tlingit totem poles are a popular occurrence at the Sitka National Historical Park.

Homage to Sitka’s Russian ancestry stands in the form of the St. Michael’s Cathedral, a Russian Orthodox Church that is recognized as a national historic landmark.  If you would like additional information, make sure you ask for your free copy of the tourist packet when renting your car from Avis. 

June's the Time to Party

If you like chamber music, a lively atmosphere and a quirky selection of international talent you will not want to miss the yearly Sitka Summer Music Festival. Held every year in June, it emphasizes chamber music and attracts an international group of professional musicians.

The view from the city to the Sisters on a sunny day is spectacular. If the weather is mild why not pack the car with a picnic and head out into the wild for a day of relaxation while you observe the scenery around you in awe.

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