Fred Dinstell (10/25/2016)

I had a rather complex reservation recently. Vonnie Vilandre was extremely helpful and exhibited the highest degree of professionalism. I only wish all of the call centers that one deals with were staffed with individuals of Vonnie’s caliber.

Jonathan and Susan S. from Ohio (09/15/2016)

Lucy:  You were – just as last year – superb!!!!!  Thanks so much for everything.  If there’s a survey, you get an A+++!

Best wishes, Jonathan and Susan

Jerry Cornell from Hawaii (08/12/2016)

I wanted to send you and the AVIS Anchorage Team a hardy Thank You for making our vehicle travel needs in Alaska a total success.  Without your going the extra mile for us it would not have been possible to take care of some of America’s finest!

Alec Duncan from Inverness Scotland (07/09/2016)

…We were very pleased with car hired by us in Skagway Alaska on 9th July and with the service provided.

Alan G. from Connecticut (07/28/2016)

I would highly recommend Avis Alaska to anyone travelling to Alaska.  We had a great experience.

B Lua (7/18/2016)

Thank you so much, Kevin Akers

Message: I am writing to express my greatest appreciation and gratitude to Mr. Kevin Akers, the Manager at Avis Skagway.

I rented a 4Runner from Avis Skagway on 6/27/16, drove to Whitehorse, Yukon, and unfortunately got into an accident. My car was rear-ended at a traffic junction and the rear windshield was shattered. I was totally shaken as there were 5 other passengers (my family) in the rental SUV.

I called Avis Skagway and Kevin immediately came to my rescue. Kevin went out of his way to help me. He drove a new Toyota Sienna and met me at Carcross and exchanged the vehicle with me, so that my family could travel safely in the Sienna back to Skagway, while he drove back the dented 4Runner.

Kevin drove a total of at least 3 hours (from Skagway to Carcross and then back to Skaway) to rescue me and my family. My family and I will always remember his help, kindness and professionalism.

After we arrived back at Skagway, I dropped my family at the cruise terminal and then drove the Sienna back to the Avis office. Kevin promptly helped me process all the paper works pertaining to the traffic accident, and then drove me back to the cruise terminal so that I could board the ship on time.

Thank you so much, Kevin, for going out of your way to hep me and my family, when we got into trouble in a foreign location. I couldn’t thank you enough, and will always remember your kindness, professionalism and customer orientation.

Congratulations, Avis Alaska, for having such a great employee and manager as Kevin Akers!

Mark Foley (6/24/2015)

I want to thank you for all your help and the free upgrade. Planning on being in Anchorage again next year and will definitely use Avis.

Jerry Halterman - Product Line Manager, John Deere (6/1/2015)

I recently rented a vehicle in Skagway. I was very impressed with the service there! One of your junior employees had created a map of places to see and things to do. It was very helpful. I also appreciated the help from the more senior gentleman in the car lot. His recommendation for lunch at the bakery in Carcross was spot on. Thanks for making our time in Skagway and up the Klondike Highway an enjoyable day!

Keith Ramay (5/28/2015)

Your staff in Juneau Alaska was outstanding…something that is becoming hard to find…thanks to your staff for adding to our enjoyable vacation…..

Raphael Morales - NOAA Affiliate (4/29/2015)

The agent that help me out was the same agent coming and going and was very professional / helpful. She was great! Thank you.

Robert Bean Managing Partner AirWave Consulting LLC

I have recently retired as a Regional Sales Manager of a Fortune 100 company, where I was responsible for the entire Northwestern United States.  In this position I traveled extensively, and partnered with several airlines, and hotels to satisfy my travel requirements.  However, when it came to a rental car partnership, I relied on one business partner exclusively, and that was Avis.   I could always count on Avis automobiles and their customer service to make the car rental aspect of my travels; quick, comfortable, and worry free.  Although no company is perfect, but Avis was pretty close, and when there was an issue, it was corrected quickly and to my satisfaction.   One of my favorite experiences with Avis that I enjoy sharing with friends and co-workers occurred on a trip to Anchorage, Alaska.

About 12 years ago, after three long days of travel and sales meetings, I was exhausted, and could not wait to relax on my flight back to Seattle.  As I was getting some reading material out of my bag, I realized that I did not have my sunglasses, and had left them in the Avis rental car.   I called a co-worker in Anchorage and asked them to go to the Avis rental return lot and look for my glasses.   They called me back and said they had found my rental car, but alas, no sunglasses.

I would have normally written off the sunglasses as a loss, but these were $200 Serengeti sunglasses, and I was not willing to just let them go.  The next morning, I called the Avis office in Anchorage to ask if my sunglasses had been found.  They young lady I was speaking to, advised that that had been found and she had them on her desk.  Her next statement epitomized good customer service.  She said, “where would you like me to ship them to?” I offered to pay for the shipping, but she said that was not necessary, and she would be happy to take care of it!   Two days later, I had my sunglasses back.   I still have the sunglasses, and I still consider Avis as my business partner when I need a rental car.

Bedford - Virginia

“Keep it up! Great people & great service”

Kathy – Petersburg

“Excellent vehicle”

Michael – Nebraska

“The staff was very helpful and courteous”

Betty – Kodiak

“Excellent staff”

Janet – Anchorage

“Employees make this my rental company of choice. My thanks to Mike and all in Fairbanks”

Sheri – Nome

“Excellent experience”

Charles – Wasilla

“The staff was helpful and supportive”

Karl Zarr

“Awesome experience renting car in Alaska in WHITTIER – right after our cruise. Interesting driving on the roads of Alaska. Loved the people. All were very nice and accommodating.”